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LakshyanZ.....a platform for the students of Lakshya to unite, to grow and to thrive. Kick started on the 7th of August 2016, LakshyanZ aim for the all round development of every Lakshyan.

LakshyanZ is a medium for the students to interact, to learn and to share knowledge through a wonderful and fun experience. It enriches the student life and the educational process by providing   social, cultural, recreational and intellectual experiences. And making their experience worthwhile is the topmost priority of LakshyanZ.

Focusing on academics, culturals and sports at the same time, LakshyanZ provide a complete opportunity for the students to discover their real selves and true potential. Apart from this, LakshyanZ also strive to create a social commitment among the students through undertaking various charitable activities.

LakshyanZ indeed has the capability to awaken the inner voice and inner potential of the students. This has been proven multiple times in this very short time.

LakshyanZ aims at giving you the best.... the best in everything. Invest your talents ; unleash your inner potential and lead anywhere in the globe.

Entertainment Club

The Entertainment club is an elected body which is responsible for co-ordination between the campus and its students. From acting as the students' voice and ensuring that each student gets the best out of their campus experience, the Club works with the elected representatives of the departments and societies to make each event of Lakshya a grand success. The Union organises most major events of the campus like the Onam celebration, Christmas and New Year Celebration, Ifthar celebration, various sports competition and the much awaited Lakshyotsav. They are guided by a pool of Staff Advisors under the able leadership of Mr.Adarsh Damodaran President of Lakshya CA Campus.

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Social Service Club

Campuses can be busy places; Lakshya provides diversified opportunities to students to develop their personality through community services. Community services rendered by Lakshya students have covered several aspects.

The main aim of the society is to provide services to the youth of campus and community.


• Promotion of health and hygiene

• Voluntary blood donation

• First aid services

• Visit to Ashrams and Orphanages

• Road Safety Programmes

• Campus Cleaning

• Tree Plantation

• AIDS Awareness Programme

• Fire Safety

• Health Camp

Social Activities
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Academic Club

In Lakshya CA Campus, We have an Academic Club, acting for developing the Academic and Personality skills of Lakshya students. We used to conduct many Academic related activities in all our Branches.

Paper Presentation

We conducted a paper presentation for F1-F4 ACCA students. The topic for paper presentation was Technologies that will disappear by 2020 and their Imaginary substitutes. The honorable chief guest and judge was Mr. AdarshDamodaran President of Lakshya CA Campus. Total 64 students were present for the paper presentation. Those 64 students were divided into 8 groups. The winners were given certificates and trophies.

Vagamon Trip

Lakshya organized a trip to Vagamon for 3 days. A batch of 60 students presided by faculties and staff members. The trip was mainly focused on OBT. Stays were arranged in Indo American School, Kurishumala.

Tour chapter include camping, trucking, campfire, group discussion, debates and brainstorm sessions.

All sessions made sure that the students thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Personality Development

Lakshya CA campus organized a personality development camp for its students. Personality Development quintessentially means enhancing and grooming one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to your life.