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The pandemic has definitely changed education forever. The Covid-19 resulted in all educational institutions being shut down which resulted in over 1.2 billion students being out of school. 

As a result of this, the mode of education changed drastically, it became imperative that everyone switch to an online mode of education. Understanding the need of the hour, Lakshya bolstered our capabilities to become the first educational institution in Kerala to start our own online learning platform. Through our online classes students got access to all of our commerce professional courses such as CA, ACCA, CMA USA, CMA India and CS. Research has actually supported online education stating that students will be able to retain information better. 

We provided free classes for ACCA right as the lockdown kicked in to ensure that students will not be at loss due to the pandemic. This access to free education was used extensively by students all over the state, enabling them to clear the first remote based proctored exams. Our students were also able to attain Global and National ranks, proving that education truly does not have any barriers. With the advent of our online platform students were able to access the classes from the safety of their home. They received the option to choose between live classes or to watch recorded classes. One of the major concerns that both students and parents had was if network failure would impact the classes, on platform students have the option of rewatching the classes in case they miss the live lectures. This is also an amazing way for students to revisit the lectures and revise the classes, a boon they would never have with regular classes.

With the live chat option students could clear their doubt instantly with the faculty then and there, giving them a feel of sitting in the front bench of the class. All the classes are in HD quality, this ensures that they are able to get the best in education sitting at their homes. They also got access to notes, assignments, practice tests and online exams. Research backs online classes and studies have proved that students are able to retain 25-60% information compared to 8-10% in classrooms. This is because students are able to learn at their own pace and take about 40% less time to learn compared to the traditional classroom setting.

All the classes are available on, students have the option to have view demo classes so that they themselves can have a first  hand experience about the course, the teaching methodology and the accessibility students have to the faculty. 

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