What is eligibility for us cma usa | course details
June 21,2019

3 Eligibility tests - Do you meet the CMA USA Experience Requirements?

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What are the CMA USA work requirement mandates?

To earn the CMA certification, there are several CMA requirements that must be met, the experience is one such criterion.

A CMA certified individual will have good business and finance acumen. CMA has set some experience requirements to ensure that only candidates that have thorough hands-on experience get qualified.

So, let’s learn more about the requirements and see if you meet them.

CMA Experience Requirements: The basics!

At the base level, CMA experience requirements call for its candidates to have at least two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management.

You have the option to complete this requirement prior to writing the exams or within 7 years from writing the exams.

The 3 CMA Experience Requirements

You should have 2 continuous years of experience  which is relevant (Management/Finance sector)

To know if you meet the required specifications check the following -

  1. Is your work relevant?

The IMA states work relevancy in broad terms, therefore acquiring work relevancy should not be too difficult for accounting and finance professionals. Check below

  1. Is analysis part of your work?

It is important that your professional experience involves analysis. So, if you are someone who was dealing with the analysis of financial statement or if you participated in analysis and reporting that aided investment management and decision-making, you can count your work experience.

If your work involved repetitive work such as preparing and uploading journal entries, these will not be considered as relevant work experience by the IMA.

  1. Are you a permanent hire?

Finally, are you a permanent employee or a temp? IMA expects you to be a full-time employee, experiences from internships, being a trainee/clerk and non-technical roles won't count. Your experience should also last for two consecutive years.

Part-time work will be considered relevant provided that it constitutes to 20 work hours in a week. Then, part-time will be equal to full time at a rate of one year of experience for every 2 years of part-time employment.

How easy is it for IMA to approve your work experience?

Is IMA very strict with their approval?

No. Most people say the IMA has flexible certification administrators in terms of approving work experience.

The three reasons why they say so are:

  1. IMA’s definition of relevancy - 

    Their relevancy definition is quite broad.

    Compared to other qualifications like CIA and CISA where they require applicants to accumulate work in internal audit specifically, for CMA this is not the case.

  2. Role specification -

    IMA does not mandate any role specification, unlike other courses.

  3. Lenience with work verifier- 

        IMA is not very stern as to who can verify your work, as long as it’s a superior the IMA                 doesn’t bother much about the person's background.

The IMA is also quite accommodating when it comes to special cases. So it is ideal if you contact the IMA directly in the event that you have work experience but you are still unsure as to whether it will be considered relevant.