Frequently Asked Questions - CA Course Fee

  • 1) Where can I find detailed information regarding fees?
  • 2) Do I have to pay deposit or fees?
  • 3) Will I receive a discount for paying in full?
  • 4) Will Lakshya charge me extra for paying the fees in two installment?
  • 5) I am paying by credit/debit card. Will I be charged an extra fees?
  • 6) Where can I find out how to claim a fee refund?

You can get the fee details in our Lakshya website, contact our enquiry number the person attending the call will give you the necessary information, you can mail us and we will reply you once we receive the mail or visit our office directly to get the fee information.

In Lakshya we don't charge any deposit fee. Student can register their seats by just paying the admission fees.

There are no discounts available for paying your tuition fees for the year in full.

There are no charges for paying by the two-installment scheme.

Lakshya does not charge a fee for paying by credit or debit card. However, some card issuers may charge a fee, so if you are not sure please check with your card provider before making a payment.

The decision about fee refund is totally taken by the management. The student can talk with the respective administrator about the same.