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Kochi Lakshya Campus

IIC Lakshya Campus Ernakulam is situated at Kochi. It’s the most ideal space a student can enrol into to pursue higher levels of academia. The campus is spread across 11,000 sq ft, where we provide our outstanding coaching for CA / ACCA / CMA INDIA / CMA USA / CS/ CAT / 3 Year Degree With ACCA (B.voc) / BBA along with ACCA / B.Com along with ACCA / MBA along with ACCA / M.Com along with ACCA.To assure our students are experiencing a complete holistic learning atmosphere, we have provided state-of-the-art technologies like Modern Teaching Equipment, which includes projectors for Powerpoint presentations, in addition to the facilities like Air-Conditioned Classrooms.Our spacious library and office rooms are made with the thought that students of our academy will have the most comfortable space at their service. Besides, there is also Lakshya’s broad IT infrastructure, the best available, where one can expect fast track services and assistance in their day-to-day affairs. Likewise, it helps both our students and their professors to use the latest instructional technologies, which can help improve the learning process to a higher level.Lakshya's well-experienced career advisory team sees each individual as a completely different person, with varied aims and needs. And thus, appropriate care is given to each student to show them the right way to accomplish their dreams. Our aim is to develop and provide to our students the most effective tutorials they can get.Lakshya's Kochi Campus has to it a wide range of students who study various courses.

We offer specialized coaching for

  • CA

  • ACCA



  • CS

  • CAT

  • B.VOC + ACCA

  • BBA + ACCA


  • MBA + ACCA

  • M.COM + ACCA

Lakshya's faculty includes Chartered Accountants from various states of India. Their proven expertise in the field of specialized coaching which aids the rich experience a student gets along their journey through Lakshya, makes the institute most preferred learning destination. We update our selection of test papers each year. This is to make sure we are on par with the current trends of the academic world.

Our frequent model tests makes students familiar with the test patterns, so that you can clear the exams in the easiest way. Also, we provide specialized exam-oriented revision classes for all of our available courses. By doing so, we put our main focus on mock tests and question banks.

Hostel accommodation is available on a need basis. The hostel is equipped with various facilities like mentorship, gym, club activities and a lot more to help build a complete holistic environment.

Our other amenities include:

  • Live Classroom Training under the guidance of expert faculty covering about 1100 hours in total.

  • Excel Models (for practical demonstration of concepts in our courses)

  • Help Assistant Forum to discuss your needs and doubts and to interact with the special faculty

  • A mentor is assigned to each student of our institute. So that there will be 100% assistance in every matters during the entire duration of the program.

  • Chapter-wise Questions Banks and Mock Tests are provided to students for test preparations

  • A complete well-stocked Library is available to enhance your knowledge using its specialized books

  • Separate Hostels for girls and boys

  • Exam-oriented study-related materials

  • Experienced and prestigious in-house faculty

So, the design of Lakshya is completely flexible as you can see. to ensure that Lakshya Campus stands for the well-being of the students and their educational upbringing.

CA, stands for Chartered Accountant, it is a course that doesn’t need any description. A chartered accountant is highly respected in our society, and almost all have a clear picture of what it means to be a chartered accountant and what’s in it for you.

The course is the flagship course of our CA institute in Ernakulam. Our training has produced rank holders each year who are currently the pioneers of the commercial field.

Our CA course is crafted flawlessly with much time and dedication by our experts. In addition to this, our much-researched study materials with the implemented practice sessions assure students they can easily pass the exams. It is matters like this that make our institute different from others, and make us the best CA coaching centre in Kannur.

Chartered Accountants (CA) are qualified professionals, whose duty includes various activities, related to the realm of accountancy. A CA is highly respectable in society and the position demands much dedication – it simply makes a complete person out of you.

Syllabus of our CA course is subdivided into –
  • Foundation Level – 5 months
  • Intermediate Level – 7 months
  • Final Level – 3 years

Each student must initially register with ICAI to get into the entry-level of the CA course, CA Foundation. Students can study our CA course along with their studies if they prefer, that is, both at the same time. It will take around 4.5 years to finish the course and be a qualified CA or Chartered Accountant.

Our ACCA course is well crafted. The industry experts who are with us compile and craft it with extreme care and precaution to make it more interesting to our students. They keep updating the existing syllabus from time to time to ensure the aspirants who are with us get a clear picture of ACCA.

After completing the ACCA course in our ACCA institute in Ernakulam, one can become a Certified Chartered Accountant. The position will allow students to work in various sectors of business and finance. The designation is awarded solely by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant.

ACCA course duration is around 2 years.

Throughout the course, you will have to clear 13 papers out of 15 papers in order to be affiliated.

These 15 papers are in two levels
  • Fundamental Level
  • Professional Level
The first one, Fundamental, is subdivided into
  • Applied Knowledge module
  • Applied Skills module

Students can study ACCA course with us at the same time as they are doing ACCA is highly sought after by many respectable domains especially in Finance and Accounting domains. Our expert faculties of Lakshya’s ACCA coaching centre in Ernakulam is by no means comparable to others. They are distinguished in their teaching methods and principles and can make the learning process of students easy and interesting.


CMA USA course of our CMA institute in Ernakulam is simply the one-stop solution for the aspirants who like to be certified professionals someday. The course CMA USA Ernakulam of Lakshya helps every student to acquire the complete knowledge that comes under the practical and theoretical spheres of accounting and finance.

The designation is solely awarded worldwide by the IMA – Institute of Management Accountants.

CMA USA is one of the most highly sought after course at the current times – for the demand for it is increasing day by day. And there are reasons like its short time-period to complete the course, it’s great flexibility, affordable fee structure etc, that makes it highly demanded.

The duration of CMA courses of Lakshya is 9-12 months. To put it simply, it means one can become a cost/management accountant within a short time-period just like that by choosing CMA USA institute in Ernakulam to study the course.

Some roles CMA USA certificate holder can get into are -
  • Senior Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Controller 
  • Treasurer   
  • Cost Accountant
  • Internal Auditor
  • Staff Accountant 
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Budget Analyst

The exam patterns of CMA USA are in two. These mentioned two exam patterns are required to be cleared successfully from your part to receive the CMA USA designation. Part one of the pattern covers Financial Reporting – Planning – Performance and Control. And part two covers Financial Decision Making. 

You are required to have successfully completed your 10 +2 studies and not less than a Bachelor’s Degree / Equivalent Professional Certification to apply in our CMA USA coaching centre in Kannur to pursue the course.

The CMA INDIA course of Lakshya aims to build competence in students – a stance not many institutes take. 

Along with Lakshya’s CMA INDIA institute in Ernakulam, you will have the chance to get training in particular spheres that comes under management accounting, and to get into specific skill development activities.

The designation is awarded by ICAI – The Institute of Cost Accountants of India  

The entire CMA INDIA Kannur course of ours is well-structured, likening with the conventional international standards. To put it simply, it means that after completing the course you will be able to practice in many parts of the world.

The course gives students a thorough knowledge of accounting, finance, business management and so on with most appropriate resources.

The CMA INDIA course is subdivided into these –
  • CMA Foundation - 7 months
  • CMA Intermediate - 6 to 7 months
  • CMA Final - 9 months

Aspirants can apply for the course with our CMA INDIA coaching centre in Ernakulam while they are still pursuing B.Com.

  CMA INDIA certified professionals are highly sought after in these sectors:
  • Government sector
  • Private sector
  • Banking & finance sector
  • Education
  • Training / Research sector 
  • In-Service and Public Utility sectors
  • Developmental Agencies 


Lakshya CS Institute in Ernakulam has been helping students to take the first towards the most successful career, to be a Company Secretary! With syllabus designed with much care by our experienced faculty, CS course of Lakshya CS coaching centre in Kochi ensures you will have the best of it available here within our state.We at the Lakshya CS institute in Kochi keep updating the curriculum as the pattern of the examinations change. To make the students well-prepared for exams, we conduct practice sessions and mock exams regularly.

CS Course is divided into these –
  • CS Foundation (8 months)
  • CS Executive (9 months)
  • CS Professional (10 months)

One should have clear his/her 10 +2 studies to appear for CS Ernakulam

lakshya faculty

About Lakshya Faculty  
Nothing can replace the good influence of the right mentors. They make your future bright. There is a reason for why Lakshya has always placed a huge value to the faculty. It is because they, as a whole, form the core of Lakshya’s educational structure. Highly experienced and creative, well-accomplished team is the backbone to all of Lakshya’s institutes. It is with close examination that we select our faculty from across the country to be here with us to teach. Their talent and skills are showcased when they teach their students.
We ensure that at Lakshya we have practicing CA (Chartered Accountant) / ACCA / CMA / CS certified members who teach at the faculty. Thus, they can give the students a clear picture of the working environment. Also, it helps to make to ensure that the coaching we provide reaches the standard of excellence that we strive for Simply speaking, we provide the highest quality of education. Apart from the permanent faculty, our visiting faculty, whose knowledge and position is highly respected in the accounts and business sphere.
This only means that they are always up for giving new and various perspectives to the students from wherever we can to enrich their learning process. Also, we at Lakshya encourage good communication between each student, so that they share their own perspective and ideas. This particular encouragement results in sharpening the thought process of the student, and help them before they enter into their preferred working domain in the near future. Our faculty takes intense pride in their knowledge and wisdom.
This makes their teaching more interesting and thought-provoking to our students. Their commitment as a tutor, we believe will make a huge impact on their students’ future, which is incomparable in every way. They also believe that giving education is a holy and momentous calling, and that will certainly be the most challenging responsibility for them.

lakshya infra

Our Infrastructure
To provide a world-class education an academy like Lakshya has to implement huge enhancement in infrastructure. This is essential when it comes to the students’ overall development. We provide modern equipment, like the Wacom board and projectors etc. which will further enhance the learning process of students and facilitate them with number of useful services.
  • Classrooms: The center for focused learning. All of our classrooms are built with a modern touch and have the right conductive atmosphere when it comes to focused learning and discussion. In addition to the lectures by our faculty, we will be providing several modern learning equipment which will further make the learning easier for students.
  • Licensed CBE Centre: Lakshya, being a Gold approved partner of ACCA, is a CBE (Computer Based Exams) center. This means that every student of ours can write the exams within our campus itself. The CBE system helps our students to attend an on-demand CBE exam at any time of the year. The results of which will be displayed to the students at the end of it and will be automatically uploaded to their account just after 78 hours.
  • Library: Lakshya houses within its library the relevant books a student finds useful. They are all related to accounting and will help the students to keep themselves informed about their domain. Apart from that, Lakshya provides journals, audio-visual useful materials and much others like newspapers too, so that the students will be updated in knowledge of accounting and finance areas.
  • Residential Accomodation: Lakshya, with much deliberation, offer separate hostels for both boys and girls, who are far away from their homes to pursue studies here. Facilities like gym, phone facilities and internet access, all makes their stay at hostel a comfortable one. Apart from that, home-cooked meals are also available so the students can lead a healthy lifestyle while they are here with us.


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All India Ranks 

Lakshya has always produced All-India Rank Holders. Year after year, the number keep going up. The particular fact can be taken as the truest form of testament that we at Lakshya only offers highest quality education in our campuses. The above mentioned amenities like best of academicians, modern learning centers, well-maintained libraries and the likes of student clubs, regular exams, specialized doubt clearing sessions and forums etc., all make Lakshya completely well-equipped to achieve the excellence we seek in our coaching.





IIC Lakshya ,  Adv. Easwara Iyer Road, Behind City Hospital, Pullepady, Kochi- 682035

Contact number: +91 9061277777.