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6 successful ways to deal with exam stress

A little bit of stress is a good thing: it will act as a motivator to get you going! But at times the same stress can engulf you. A recent study has shown a 20-25% annual increase in students seeking for study-related mental health issues. Student performance evidently has a…
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Why take ACCA instead of other accounting degrees?

If you are a student who has knows that they want to pursue a career in the field of Accounting but is unsure of what to pick or follow, this blog is ideal for you. What study ACCA? What are the best Accounting courses available? Should you take ACCA or…
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Automation and AI- Friend or Foe?

The advent of the fourth industrial revolution has a new fear creeping on the minds of existing and to be professional accountants-are their jobs at the risk of obsolescence? A world where robots take up almost all the repetitive jobs does not remain a figment of our imagination anymore. It…
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