How to clear CA Inter both groups in the first attempt
November 10,2021

Clear your CA Inter both groups in the first attempt

Completing CA both groups together can be your dream, while passing it in the first attempt may be your dream come true. Yes, you can.

The most satisfying result can improve your career prospects also.  But it is believed that 'Only a few can clear it' 'very tough to pass both groups at one time' which greatly impacts the confidence level of students. Instead of hard work, an effective strategy can help you the most. Keep on going with some important tips, then you can definitely do that.  ICAI provides 8 months of the study period to appear for their CA intermediate exams preparation. As per CA Intermediate syllabus prescribed by ICAI, the course of intermediate level is more of an objective approach, where the first group has more of the practical subject and the second group has more theoretical subjects.

An effective strategy & the execution

Creating an effective plan always leads to success, same in CA inter also. Before thinking about the plan, you should have a clear understanding of the syllabus and majorly asked portions. If you don't have an idea to arrange the topics, don't hesitate to ask for help. There are many CA institutes out there but most of them are still practicing old ways of teaching which are neither practical nor helpful in the long run. It is very crucial in choosing an institution or mentor for your long-term CA career. 

After setting a study plan, the very next thing is how to execute the plan. First and foremost, you should follow the plan and always give priority to your studies. Manage your time according to the study plan. Even in your travels, you can memorize the topics. Don’t miss the previous year's practice papers.

Keep motivated all your way

Having a positive approach always leads to success. The difficult chapters may pull you back, but you can win it over through confidence and positivity. Try to get motivated and spend time with what brings positive thoughts. The person who is related to this course can help you find many positive aspects regarding your learning. Supporting and uplifting each other can help to learn more without any mistakes.

Don't Ignore ICAI Material

Along with referring notes, books, you should go through ICAI study material without any fail. If you didn't get much time to touch the RTP or MTP, at least you can refer to the practice manuals. Thereby, you should focus on the quality of the subject rather than the number of chapters you completed.

Take a break from Social Media

The primary focus of social media is to grab people’s attention, keep them entertained, and keep them on the Social media platform. During the preparation, you need more concentration. It is better to avoid social media from your life until your exams are cleared. 

Through the above tips, prepare yourself and present the answers well.


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