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November 03,2020

How to write quickly during the exams? 5 must-know tips and hacks!

If you are like the rest of the youngest, typing comes naturally to you and not writing. You might be able to type a text msg faster than light but when it comes to the exam you might be struggling to finish all the questions in time. Unfortunately the CA, CMA and CS exams are all written exams. So it is critical that you do write quickly, you write neatly and clear. It has been discussed again and again that good presentation places a critical place in your ability to do well. 

Practice! Practice! Practice!

It is very important that you keep practising. This is a skill you can develop like any other. It will take some practice but is definitely worth the effort. This could be that dealbreaker for you from doing just average to doing excellent. 

So how can you do it? How can you write quickly by making sure your handwriting is still legible? How can I improve my handwriting speed and skills for my CA, CS and CMA exams?

#Tip 1 - Sit up properly - As simple as it sounds your posture has got a lot to do with the ability to write quickly and neatly. So what exactly is a good posture?

Sit upright on a straight back chair with your feet touching the floor, your hips and lower back should be well rested on the chair. Your forearms should be well rested on the desk with your elbows very slightly flexed. Make sure you’re not slouching over the paper. Adjust the height of the desk and the chair to meet your comfort level. 

#Tip 2 - Get the right pen! - Let’s not deny it, there are some pens that will help you to write better and make your handwriting, well, a lot more presentable. A ballpoint such as cello is what works for me. But that doesn’t mean that’s what will suit you. Try out various pens and find the one that gives you the best result.

#Tip 3 - Hold the pen well - Yes just getting the right writing equipment is not enough make sure you use it well too. The tripod method is the most suggested method.  Holding the pen too tight will also slow down your speed. Yes, it has to be firm but you don’t have to squeeze your pen to death.

#Tip 4 - Make sure your handwriting technique is proper - What's your writing technique? A great handwriting technique will require you to use all of your fingers rather than making you wrist to all the work. Let it not be your wrist that's guiding your pen but instead move your pen using your fingers as a guide. When you use this technique you can successfully avoid cramps. But if you continuously move your wrist as you write, or if you move your hand from the paper as you move it continuously then you will eventually slow down and your hands will end up cramping.

#Tip 5 - Make it your job to practice - Now that we have shared with you all the various ways in which you can improve your writing. Now it's time when rubber meets the road, put all this theory into testing.

Do not pull yourself back from writing and learning thinking it will take away your precious time. It will only enhance it. Even though our faculty are awesome at their job, you have to actively engage with the material. While writing also make sure that you pay attention to your handwriting. Once you practice it well enough, you will not lose out on any time during the exams, it will become second nature.

Also make sure you practice as many mock exams as possible. This will also help you to improve your speed.

Wishing you the very best for your exams. 



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