Tips to prepare for On-demand computer-based examinations
November 18,2021

Plan & Prepare For On-demand Computer-based ACCA Exams

By booking Computer-based Examinations (CBE), students can write the examinations with the ease of their homes. But following the pattern of paper-based exams, it may be a bit difficult while coming into Computer-based ACCA Exams. ACCA also commenced the On-demand CBE to ensure the uninterrupted flow of quality education to every student for their career growth. On-demand ACCA exams consist of an objective as well as a long-answer or multi-task section and it has a time constraint also. Nothing different from the computer-based exams, but an ACCA student has certain points to be considered to gain maximum score in the examination.

Plan according to the ACCA Syllabus.

You don't have time to waste while preparing for the On-demand CBE exams. It is stressful to read on the monitor for hours, so you should be fully prepared. Arrange the time according to the syllabus and get over the entire syllabus without any fail. Divide the portions and go through the study guide thoroughly. The questions can be from any part of the syllabus. Never attend the examination unprepared. You may not get enough time to read the question again and again. Therefore through one single reading, you can connect the question to the answer that you have studied. Get a deeper understanding of the topic and never ignore anything from the syllabus, because a single word on the question can lead you to the answer. 

What does the ACCA website offer?

The ACCA website provides multiple resources to sharpen your learning. From the technical articles to the specimen examinations, the resources will help you to find a proper way for your learning. 

Specimen exams & other resources

The ACCA website resources add more insight into your exam preparation especially the specimen papers which provide an idea on the questions types, syllabus covered, and also how deeper the knowledge level is. Practicing the specimen papers through your computer brings better results. The bi-annual examiner reports for the ACCA exams list is another advantage in which the student can find a collection of difficult questions. It clarifies the specific areas of the syllabus and avoids misunderstandings and mistakes. There are articles and videos on the website to support the CBE examination.

Go for an Approved Textbook

Reading so many chapters and skipping the important sections brings you the reverse of what you expected. Thus you should be aware of the regularly asked sections. For this, learn from the ACCA's Approved Content Providers, BPP Learning Media, and Kaplan Publishing. To ensure content quality, the ACCA’s examining team reviews it on an annual basis. This will help you to learn the core parts, thereby scoring more.

Deep Look into the questions

Many students fail to score well because of not reading the questions correctly because some intentionally worded questions are to test candidates’ knowledge on the topic. Just mentally copying and pasting the content may not help you in the exam time. Develop a habit of critically analysing each question, thereby finding the answers. Yes, you have to practice a lot of previous question papers, but don’t prefer skim reading because there are also application-level questions. Most importantly, not only read the two marks question! Even if it is a two-mark question, get a deeper understanding of the study area. 

Allocate your time wisely and attempt all the questions of your upcoming On-demand Computer-based ACCA Exams.

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