CS Management training  - Where should I do it? Firm or Company?
December 11,2020

CS Management training  - Where should I do it? Firm or Company?

Completing the management training is a must for each and every management student. They have to undergo training with companies which are either public or private or with a legal consultancy firm or with any other organisation. Management training is not only a vital part of the course but also one that gives each student a huge learning curve. When undergoing training in this manner, students will get to learn the practical approach to theoretical learning. The theoretical part of their learning will also get further strengthened in this process. The training will also give students first-hand learning of how the formal workplace would be like, how they should conduct themselves, what is expected of them and how to navigate through real-world problems.  The course is also one that keeps up with the times, the syllabus and the subjects it tackles are not what used to be taught 10 years ago. As our nation is changing as a developing country, companies in our nation have also started to adopt good governance in such a way that they can become “good corporate citizens”. This has widened the ambit of the company secretary profession. The opportunities are immense and so is the need. Good training ensures a good career. As a company secretary, you can say that good training is the backbone of a successful professional career as a company secretary.

But before you get into the management training, each CS student has to get clarity on a few things.

  • Know your objective
  • Know your end goal

Why are you doing the training in the first place? Are you doing it because you want to get hands-on training or are you doing it because it's mandatory? Where do you see yourself after the completion of the course? Do you see yourself working for a corporation or do you have the objective of running your own firm?

Understand that everything has its own pros and cons. You have to be very careful when you make your choice. Explore your own interests, identify your strengths and weaknesses. Do a proper background check. Learn more about where you are going to work. Ask people you know who work in these companies. 

Many companies give a good opportunity to CS students to explore areas beyond the traditional CS roles. Whereas on the other hand, others stick to the old school approach and don’t offer much in terms of variety.  Go with the firm if you are one of those who’ve decided what to pursue after the training. If you are desirous of starting your own practice then training in the firm is the best possible option available.

Are you going to practice or do you want to be an employee?

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the road? Once you have completed your membership students will have two options - either join a company and work on a salary basis or start a firm and provide legal consultancy on legal matters. As per the industry experts, they always recommend students to go with the firm for your training if you are interested in opening your own practice. You will then get a first-hand picture of how a firm runs, what are the essentials, what all are the pitfalls etc.

In the short span that you spend in training, it is not possible to be acquainted with so many functions in a company as there will be different teams handling different parts of these transactions. But it is very common to be able to work in all of these roles at least once during your tenure as a trainee. 

So in a nutshell, you will have to choose wisely before joining and make an informed decision.


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