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September 24,2022

ACCA Online vs. Classroom Learning: What’s the Best Way to Study?

ACCA is one of the most sought after professional careers across the globe. It is also one of the oldest accounting bodies in the world and has over 200,000 members and 500,000 students. After successfully passing the set of exams, you can have a prosperous career in accounting or finance. The ACCA qualification is highly sought after in management, banking and consulting fields. So if you are someone who is looking to pursue their career in ACCA and is considering getting coaching for the same a couple of the questions you may have is

  • Is learning ACCA online a good way to approach the exams?
  • How is traditional classroom training?
  • Online vs traditional classroom: which is the right fit for me?
  • Are the chances of clearing a paper harder when you are studying online/offline?

These may be just some of the questions when you may have when contemplating of the mode in which you want to attend the classes. In this article, we will be discussing both the merits and disadvantages of offline/online classes and will help you decide which is better suited for you. 

For ACCA exams, the tutor’s role is the highest when it comes to building the knowledge, application skills, confidence and exam technique capability to enable students to achieve exam success. The fundamental aim of ACCA students is the same, whether learning in a classroom or online – to achieve exam success. 


Offline classes/ traditional classroom learning

ACCA was traditionally always taught in person. It was worked very well for a lot of students over the years. There aren’t a lot of disadvantages to traditional classroom learning, but convenience is definitely one of them.

  • Convenience - Students have to invest time to travel and reach the physical classroom. They could ideally use this time to unwind, revise or prep for the class instead. 
  • The pace of the class - sometimes when classes are taught online they could get slower as there are other factors/distractions that may affect the class
  • Discussion - When you are attending classes offline, there is a lot more opportunity for you to discuss the topics with your friends and have a healthy conversation about the topics. 
  • Sense of community - One of the biggest advantages of offline classes is that you get to share your experience with other students who are also in the same space as you are. This at many times will help motivate you when you are in a tough space or help you relieve your pressure as you can discuss the challenges you face together.
  • Cost -Offline classes can many times be more expensive than online classes as they have to cover overheads such as a physical classroom, electricity bills etc.


Online Classes

What are the different modes of online classes?

You may or may not be aware of the fact that there are different ways you can consume classes in the online mode of learning. Here are some of the modes of delivery that falls under the online classes, and do keep in mind that the type of classes may be more suited for one student compared to another, it all depends on how prepared you already are, and what is the level of training one requires.

Online classrooms

The online classrooms function very similarly to traditional face-to-face classrooms. The only difference that is there is that the tutor will be delivering the classes via a webcam and students will be able to listen to the classes as the tutor uses slides, or an online whiteboard to communicate the subject matter. Unlike raising a hand and asking for questions like you would in traditional classrooms, students can take advantage of the chat panel to discuss the topics.

Recorded Classes

Sometimes online classes are recorded so that students can access them and watch them at their convenience at a later point in time. Pre-recorded video content generally focuses on particular topics. Just like with online classes, recorded classes are also presented in the same manner with the tutor communicating topics with the help of animations,  whiteboard or at times just talking directly at the camera. Recorded classes are perfect for students who have some knowledge about the topics, or want to learn and go through specific topics. It is also a great way to revise through topics or clear doubts on specific topics you had attended classes for earlier. 

E-Learning content

Some institutes use e-learning content as a mode of online classes. These could include various learning materials that are available online, or students can have access to quizzes, or other activities where they can test and build their skills and knowledge on the topics. ACCA for instance has their ACCA-X courses which used the e-learning mode of training as a part of their programme. 

Advantages of online classes

  • Comfort - It goes without saying that one of the biggest advantages of studying online is that you can study in your comfort. It is ideal for students who don’t live in the city or are near coaching centres.
  • Time - Another advantage to studying online is unlike in the offline classroom you don't have to travel to class. This will save you a lot of time which you can utilize for revision or other activities. 
  • Lower distractions - You may be able to enjoy lectures which are not disrupted, this means you will be able to access classes that are more streamlined.
  • Lower tuition fees - In general offline classes are not as expensive as online classes. This is primarily because they don’t cover the overhead costs.
  • Ease of asking questions - Many times students feel overwhelmed to ask questions in the classroom. With online classes, students can ask questions with ease without the fear of feeling ridiculous. 

Disadvantages of online classes

  • Lack of interaction - One of the biggest disadvantages of online classes is that students will not be able to interact with one another, they may also be at the disadvantage and not be able to ask questions if they are accessing recorded sessions
  • Community - With online classes, another thing that is lost is the sense of comradery and community that gets built between students.


Final Verdict - Online VS offline classes, which would suit me more?

Traditional or offline classes have been successfully shaping the lives of students for decades. It is, without doubt, a proven form in which students can access classes. But that being said, with the new way in which digitalization is taking over the world, online classes will be a game changer, especially for students who are located in remote locations online classes are a boon. 

The best way to understand which mode suits one over the other is by online attending the classes personally. 

Online classes are great for students who have a crunch on time and money. It is perfect for working professionals or students who are revisiting a paper. They will be able to effectively cover the portion and gain a grasp on the topic with ease. It is, without doubt, a way to gain maximum potential in an easy manner. 

Since digitization has been embraced by most industries, it is of no surprise that the education industry is also going along the same path. Most reputed organizations will offer you trial or demo lectures where you can go and attend classes first-hand to experience how the classes would be for you. 

At Lakshya we have been a pioneer in providing both online and offline classes and have produced various rank holders through both modes of classes. All of our tutors are experienced professionals who are well versed in handling classes in multiple modes. You can get in touch with our team and we would be more than happy to support you with a demo class so that you can experience the classes first hand and take an informed decision for yourself. 

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