Study Tips  for passing the CMA Exam In this New Year
January 23,2021

Study Tips  for passing the CMA Exam In this New Year

With the new year, you would have set the goal to bring focus to your studies and to clear your CMA exams.  You may be finding it as a struggle to feel recharged or to accomplish your goals. Many might not have started with their studies, If you haven’t, know that there is no better time than right now! 

Let us go through some tips that will help you to keep studies as a priority and to make sure that your goals are achievable.

Prioritizing your CMA exams in 2021!

  • Develop a realistic study plan and not a fantasy plan - Many times our study plans consist of 5 hours every day and then at least 12 hours during a Sunday. Not a lot of people have the energy to do this. So before you set a timer, make sure that you have a concrete study plan by making sure that these are feasible and realistic. 

Try and make sure you have a pattern and stick to it. Make a schedule that works for you, whether it’s completed a bit each day or if you want to take a whole day to go deeper with one particular topic. It is recommended that you study for at least 10 hours each week. Try and figure out the time that you can set aside for your studies. Be brutally honest with yourself, what can you cut out from your schedule and what are the things you just cannot give up. Then break the time you have into manageable chunks . This will slowly and steadily take you towards your goal of being a CMA. 

  • Prepare your mind - Know that the first few weeks will be tough - You are developing a new habit, so know that this will not come easily to you. It is going to take time. Once you start off it will get easier. Take it one day at a time and slowly you will be able to pick up the pace. 
  • Create a positive mindset and not a negative one -  When you are focusing on studying for the CMA exam, make sure that you positively think about it. Look forward to a career in accounting how this will directly impact on your lifestyle. Think about your future job and paychecks for years to come. Don't think of studying in terms of what you’re giving up. Know that you are doing this for a reason, a party or a night out with your friends or missing a season of your favourite shows are all part of it. Yes, you are making sacrifices but they will all be worth it. Know that knowing what happens to your favourite character won’t help you, but studying will actually benefit years of your life. 


  • Don’t make your CMA just a new year resolution -   Don’t be swept up, in the excitement of making resolutions. Your CMA exam should not be like that exercise routine which you gave up after a month,  or that guitar class which you thought you can learn through youtube tutorials. So make sure you know what all are the things you take on, make studying as the main item in your to-do list. Passing the CMA exam is and should be your priority, make sure you keep that as your primary objective. Understand that earning your CMA certification will pay career dividends almost immediately.


  • Keep a tab of your accomplishments - Keep a list of all your concepts with check boxes, whenever you finish the topic, tick that off. Make sure you progress through all the material and know how far you have come along. Take a moment to acknowledge your hard work and how far you have come along.
  • Why? - Know the why, why are you doing this course. Do you feel this will help you with your current job, will it help you get a raise. Or maybe you have a dream of working in the US, Put up a picture on your bulletin board of your end goal. Keep reminding yourself of it whenever you feel you are slipping off. It will make your end goal more real and not just a faint thought in your head.

You have three windows for your CMA exam this year. So make sure you have a proper realistic goal which is positive and is concrete. Choose the date that works for you and let the ball get rolling. 


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