B.Voc Degree - What do they offer? And Why should you take it?
September 11,2020

B.Voc Degree - What do they offer? And Why you should take it?

B.Voc course is a programme that is offered to undergraduates. But unlike regular courses, B.Voc is mapped with job role descriptions as per National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). The curriculum is made in such a way that it is work-integrated and to keep at par with the industry requirements. The course is different from traditional academic programmes as it deals more with application-based studies rather than focusing on only theoretical knowledge.

One of the biggest advantages of pursuing BVoc against common degree courses is that a candidate has multiple exit points during the programme and continued industry exposure. Even if you are not able to complete the 3-year programme you will still get a diploma and an advanced diploma after the completion of the first and second years respectively. Hence the knowledge and skills you acquire are valued at every level and you will receive a suitable job according to the market requirements. You could also be an entrepreneur in your area of expertise.

The course here at Lakshya offers its students an opportunity to study ACCA along with the B.Voc degree. Students will get a 9 paper exemption for ACCA. So you will have completed a degree and a professional commerce qualification by the time your peers complete just a degree course. 

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What are the highlights of the course?

  • Students get a 9 paper exemption for ACCA
  • Interview training, extracurricular activities etc
  • It’s a 3 years course which students pursue take right after their +2
  • Classes are held by ACCA faculty
  • Attempt P level papers in the 3rd year
  • Get NSDC Govt. certification
  • The students who have enrolled in B.Voc courses appreciate the practical focus and are confident that their chances of getting a suitable job are higher than other graduates.
  • Students completing the first year get a Diploma certificate, after the second year they get the Advanced Diploma certificate and after completion of three years, the B.Voc. Degree is awarded.

As a part of the course, students will get hands on experience in the industry. Most students also receive a stipend while they work on internships and also have an opportunity to be placed at the organisations by the end of the course. The main advantage of B.Voc courses is that they help ensure the learners have adequate skills, make them work-ready and enhance the employability of the graduate students. A unique feature of the curriculum is the blend of vocational and business management concepts. This higher education system incorporates the requirements of various industries in a flexible manner which develops holistic and well – groomed graduates thus meeting the emerging needs of the economy.


What is the eligibility for you to be able to take up this course?

Candidates are eligible to apply for BVoc course if they have successfully completed Class XII from a recognised board with minimum 50% - 60% marks.


What does the course offer to those who wish to pursue this course?

  • Practical work experience
  • Practical knowledge in the field
  • Expertise in innovation
  • Employability for the right job as per the market requirements
  • Sufficient knowledge to establish themself in any industry or to start their own entrepreneurship.

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