How to create a fail-proof study plan for CA Nov 2020 Inter exams?
August 14,2020

How to create a fail-proof study plan for CA Nov 2020 Inter exams?

Did you know the pass percentage for the CA inter 2018 exams was just 20%? Does this statistic demotivate you or does it make you want to try harder than you do now?

At Lakshya we provide a crash course for the CA Inter Nov 2020 exams online so that you can have the best education from the comfort of your home. 

Intermediate is the second level of CA course. There are 8 papers in the syllabus which needs to be cleared to become eligible for CA final course.  ICAI schedules CA Intermediate Exams in May and November.  Soon after CA intermediate registration  students need to spend  8 months in CA intermediate exams preparation, which is mandatory by ICAI.Before we dive into how to create your study plan let us first focus on why most students fail for the exams. Once we understand those pitfalls then we can build a strategy to avoid them at all costs.


Why do so many students fail in the CA exams?

  • Negativity which sets in your mind - There is a lot of negativity surrounding the course, you may get in touch with students who haven’t cleared the paper and this can severely demotivate you.
  • Not sticking to the proper course structure - Instead of focusing on the prescribed books by ICAI students focus on other textbooks available in the market.
  • Lack of proper guidance - The ICAI changes their exam patterns regularly as well as the syllabus. It’s very important to make sure you are not studying from obsolete materials. Join a coaching institute who have a proven track record.

How to create your study plan?

Divide the whole into 3 parts. The study plan should answer three questions.

What to study?

How to Study?

When to study?

Let’s tackle this one by one.


What to study?

Do not get confused or overwhelmed by what’s available online. CA inter has 8 papers in total. 4 in group 1 and 4 in group 2.

Group 1


Subject Pattern  Marks
Accounting Practical 100

Corporate laws Other laws

30% MCQ

70% Subjective

100 (30:70)
Cost and management accounting Practical 100
Income tax law Indirect taxes

30% MCQ

 70% Subjective

100 (30:70)

 Group 2

Subject Pattern  Marks
Advance accounting(B) Practical 100

Auditing and assurance (B)

30% MCQ

70% Subjective

100 (30:70)
Financial Management and   Economics for finance Practical 100

Enterprise information   system(B)

Strategic management(B)

30% MCQ

 70% Subjective

100 (30:70)


Inorder to prepare for the Inter exams the study materials you require are - ICAI study materials, previous years questions, mock test papers, rtp, sample papers, Lakshya’s online study material/notes and examiners comment copies.Our faculty is always ready to help you with preparing and to help clear off any doubts you may face while trying to study by yourself.By practising the previous years questions as per the suggested answers, you will be able to develop the skills to present the answers in the format that is expected by the ICAI examiner.

How to study?

How many hours to study - 10-12 hours (As there are just less than 80 days left)

Subjects which should be revised daily - Accounts, Cost accounting, Advance accounting (4 hours practical daily)

Subjects to revise fortnightly(15days): Audit, Enterprise information system (Assign the number of hours to be devoted in each subject)

  1. Choose a proper studying place for yourself.
  2. The seat should be comfortable, and the room should have proper lights.
  3. Sit in a comfortable and erected position while studying
  4. There should be no disturbance while you study.
  5. Make neat notes and use markers to underline important topics.
  6. Use the compilers of updated syllabus

When to study for CA Inter Nov 2020?

Now since you have less than 3 months to go, concentrate on efficiency. Make sure you clear up any questions or dilemmas you have on the subject. Get clarifications from your teachers, get in touch with them and clear all your queries.

2 months to go

If you haven’t completed all the topics do not stress out, stick to your study plan. You will surely be able to tackle those topics when you have a calm mind.

1 month to go

Don’t get nervous or on the other hand, get overconfident. Make sure both your mind and body are in good shape and revise efficiently. Keep yourself focused as this is the final leg of the course. If you have stuck to your study plan you should be able to feel positive and well prepared.


Additional preparation tips

  • Keep yourself fit and relaxed
  • Download your hall ticket, keep your photographs, timetable in one place before your CA Intermediates exams begin.
  • Keep yourself active by doing some physical activity for 15 min. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet, this will invariably affect your studies
  • Take a break in between and spend time with your family
  • Develop a reading habit and keep yourself updated with current affairs.

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