Top 10 places your ACCA career could take you
August 21,2020

Top 10 places your ACCA career could take you!

You must have heard many times that ACCA will help you to have a global career. Let us look at where all a career in ACCA can take you. Here is a list of just a few of the countries where you can have a flourishing career.

The United Kingdom

UK is the home to ACCA with more than 3,27,000 accountants with various accounting qualifications. If you are looking to work at the big four or if you want to be a part of the world’s leading banks then the UK is the right destination for you.


Singapore is one of the World’s biggest centres with international trade and increased FDI which helps in growing FDI. It’s a perfect place for those who want to launch a career in finance. It mainly comprises of English speaking population and has many ties to western countries.


Germany is one of the world leaders in finance, they are also the leaders when it comes to technology and is known to be the producer of high-quality goods. It's a great starting point for your accountancy career. Its role in international business is at a whole time high with them having more than 550 companies operating in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a haven for finding international finance jobs. It has the perfect blend of western and Chinese cultures. With free trade policies and low taxation policies, Hong Kong has without a doubt established itself as a global leader in international finance. 

New Zealand

One of the key attractive factors for many foreign candidates is the lack of skilled local finance workers. New Zealand has expanding business investments, increase in migration flow and international trade makes it a great choice for finance and accountancy jobs. 


There are two major reasons for what makes Dubai an attractive destination is that one can have an income-tax-free salary and that it is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The accounting and finance jobs are constantly growing in Dubai, its adoption of IFRS is what attracts foreign accountants and finance professionals to this business environment.


Ever since Brazil has experienced a financial revolution and has adopted International accounting standards and has hence been a popular destination for accountants and finance professionals. Brazil also receives a large number of Foreign Direct Investment, almost $330 Billion between 1994 and 2009.


Switzerland has been a haven for foreign investors, as they are the world leaders when it comes to private banking. 10.5% of its total GDP (which is a sizable amount) comes from its workforce who are employed in the financial service sectors. Switzerland is an ideal destination to have a financial profession where you can have a profitable salary and develop your career. 

South Africa

The SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) is one of the leading accounting bodies in the world. The Country has a rich banking sector which has attracted foreign interest and has created a high demand for qualified accountants, this in turn  suggeststhat there is a very high demand for qualified accountants and that they can expect a good remuneration.


Israel is one of the economically advanced countries in the world as they adopted open markets and regulatory practices. Their high-tech sector has been labelled as the Silicon Valley for the rest of the world. Plus, with no minimum capital required to start a business, foreigners can expect exciting career prospects.


As you can see ACCA will open a door to endless opportunities.


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