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December 04,2020

How will an ACCA help you get a job? Reason 3  may surprise you!

Finance is a field that's filled with spectacular career possibilities. There is a wide plethora of job opportunities available from an analyst to a tax professional to even a CFO of a company there are various roles that will fit almost any jobseeker’s path. But when it comes to an employer they have a huge issue finding exactly what they want from a candidate, where the roles and responsibilities that keep shifting, all employees have to have a new skill set and have jobs that are very different from the way they used to be.

Let's dig deeper and see how an ACCA certification will help you to elevate your job and can make sure you can nail a job way faster than normal.


  • Level-up your In-Demand Skills


All employers keep their eye out to see highly skilled and trained financial professionals who will be ready to feel open positions. By completing the ACCA certification, a student can completely stand out when compared to others who apply for the same job. Having just a degree is not enough, employers are always looking for much more. They want professionals who have a broader range of skills both technical as well as soft skills, such as business acumen and effective communication.

The ACCA syllabus will curate to the needs of the employers and will have a diverse variety of topics. The ACCA certification will teach students with things that's way beyond what a traditional classroom provides.  Having skills such as ethics and business acumen, will aid you to position yourself as the best candidate for a wider variety of job possibilities especially in today's job market. Employers always value ACCA certified professionals as they possess the skills that's needed to help grow their business to greater heights.


  • Let your career trajectory soar


ACCA members have a great career in accountancy or any stream in finance, many people who are employed say that ACCA credentials are very beneficial in many sectors and are not restrictive just to finance. An ACCA certification is going to enable you to build a great foundation to help pursue leadership roles in business and can even help you to be a business owner yourself. 

Once you complete your ACCA then you dont have to put yourself in a boc, the career trajectory that you may have is wide. You will also be having a diverse range of skills. 


  • Grow on your networking opportunities


You will be able to find jobs today only if you are great at networking, traditional job boards don't work well and many jobs aren't even publicly listed anymore! A huge percentage of job roles are filled in various companies based on referrals by employees who are already working in the company. Once you are an ACCA member you will be open to a world of networking! You will instantly get access to more than 200,000 members around the globe. There will also be many ACCA networking events you can be a part of. But how does this help you to get a job. 

Getting access into the ACCA network will help you to attend exclusive events, which is a great way to get in touch with like-minded professionals. It may be a potential employer or maybe an employee at the institution you wish to work in. These are connections that you could use, to get a referral  whenever a position opens up. 


  • Job Boards that’s exclusive


Get access to an exclusive job board that’s full of opportunities you would be seeking your skills and expertise. You will also get access to job advertisements which would be available  only to the ACCA members, which can connect you to the next opportunity. 

Employers will have to go through an approval process before they post jobs on the ACCA Careers Job Board. ACCA currently partners with more than 7,400 employers worldwide which will enable them to get in touch with the best ACCA candidates for each position that's open for them. 


  • Get a boost to your CV


You can find a job anywhere in the world if you are an ACCA as it's a globally recognised certification. ACCA is a very well renowned and popular course, the qualification will make sure that your CV will stand out compared to your peers. 

As ACCA has such a wide scope, it's awesome for those who dream of working outside the home country. It would be especially great if you are someone who wants to work with an international organisation. 


  • Gain access to additional training materials


An ACCA member will have access to a lot of research and training materials that will help students to perform their job effectively. Accounting and auditing and standards are amongst the resources that are available to ACCA members along with exclusive learning opportunities which will aid you in your work. This resource will help you to boost your productivity which in turn improves the work results and will increase your chances of getting ahead at your workplace both internally and externally.

If you are able to do well in your current role you will be able to stand out for all promotions available. Apart from doing well in your current job role, you will also be able to add these to your CV and in your networks as well. This will give you the edge to stand out compared to other applicants by highlighting your work which you were able to accomplish using the ACCA resources at your disposal. ACCA is definitely a course that requires you to put forth your best effort, but it is also one that will help you to achieve your dreams. From exclusive job boards to be a part of a global network with other well-established professionals you will be equipped with the best tools to go forth to your next job search. 

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