April 12,2024

How to get a job in the UK after completing ACCA from India?

Concerns often arise regarding the relevance of an Indian ACCA professional qualification in European countries, particularly in the UK. Many individuals find themselves uncertain about their prospects in the UK with their ACCA qualifications.

Navigating the transition may not always be seamless, but Indian ACCA qualifications can indeed hold value in the UK. While visa formalities may be necessary, individuals with Indian ACCA qualifications have the potential to secure rewarding and respected positions in the UK job market.


Requirements For Indian ACCA To Work In The UK

For Indian ACCA professionals seeking employment in the UK, meeting two key requirements is essential:

  1. ACCA from a Recognized Institute:

The ACCA qualification must be obtained from an accredited and recognized institute. As long as the ACCA is acquired from a legitimate institution, it holds validity for employment in the UK.

  1. Visa:

Working in the UK, or any other country, on a tourist visa is illegal. Indian ACCA professionals must obtain the appropriate work visa, such as the Skilled Worker visa. Requirements for this visa include sponsorship certification from a licensed sponsor and demonstrating the alignment of one's work with the employer's organization. These criteria are crucial for legal employment in the UK.


ACCA Career in the UK 

  • ACCA offers a wide range of job opportunities across the UK, with over 30,000 roles available in sectors such as accounting, public practice, financial services, and corporate sectors. Positions include Business Analysts, Finance Controllers, Payroll Administrators, Finance Directors, and Trainee Accountants.
  • Employers who frequently hire ACCA professionals include renowned firms such as PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, EY, Barclays Bank, and Accenture. With such a diverse array of jobs and employers, ACCA Careers provides ample opportunities to find the perfect role.
  • Consider seeking employment at globally or locally approved ACCA employers, including companies like IBM, Apple, Bank of England, Next PLC, Roche, and more. Recruitment agencies like Reed and Michael Page are also valuable resources for finding employment locally and globally.
  • LinkedIn Jobs is another excellent platform for job seekers, often preferred by many employers in the UK. Ensuring your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date can enhance your chances of securing employment through this platform.
  • While larger accounting firms and multinational organizations are more likely to recognize the value of the ACCA qualification, it may not be as familiar to smaller enterprises. Therefore, it's advisable to secure employment before relocating to the UK, particularly in larger cosmopolitan areas where opportunities may be more abundant.


Indian ACCA professionals have diverse career opportunities in the UK beyond traditional accounting roles. Here are some alternative career paths:

  1. Management Consultant:
  2. Renowned for its prestige, management consulting offers stable employment with leading organizations and attractive salaries. Indian ACCA professionals can capitalize on the high demand for management consultants in the UK.
  3. Financial Advisor:
  4. With the industry experiencing steady growth, financial advisory roles present lucrative career prospects. Indian ACCA professionals can leverage this upward trend to secure well-paying positions in the UK.
  5. Fund Accountant:
  6. Proficiency in managing institutional or mutual funds enhances the prospects of landing a fund accountant role within UK organizations. Indian ACCA professionals with relevant skills can find opportunities in this field.
  7. Corporate Treasurer:
  8. Corporate treasurers play vital roles in large organizations across various manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail sectors. Indian ACCA professionals can pursue careers as 


Salary for ACCA Professionals in the UK 

In the UK, the salary for ACCA professionals typically falls within the range of £19,300 to £25,800 per year. However, individuals with specialized skills and additional qualifications can command higher salaries, with some earning up to £30,700 annually.

Salary variations also depend on the specific field within which the ACCA professional works. For instance, Taxation officers may earn an average annual salary ranging from £25,000 to £40,000. Financial consultants might receive salaries between £45,000 to £50,000, while auditors could earn between £23,000 to £35,000 per year.



Securing a job in the UK post-ACCA completion may present challenges, but the journey can be navigated smoothly with strategic planning. By exploring various avenues and ensuring compliance with visa requirements, individuals with Indian ACCA qualifications can position themselves for lucrative career opportunities in the UK.


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