7 good reasons why you should study ACCA along with an MBA! 
July 23,2020

7 good reasons why you should study ACCA along with an MBA! 

Amidst all the pandemic news students and parents alike would be confused and worried as to what they should do once graduation is complete! Should they enter the job market in such tough times, should they focus on studies, if so what is the best course of action that will make sure that they have a secure future no matter what. Many students who have completed their graduation might think of pursuing an ACCA degree. If you are one amongst them we will discuss with you why you should think about doing it along with an MBA.

If you are preparing to enter into the competitive business world of today then this will definitely ‘Bulletproof your Career’.


  • Great flexibility - ACCA provides you with flexibility like no other course, you can take examinations at your own pace. You are in charge, you can decide how many papers and when to attempt them. With the MBA+ACCA programme, you will be able to get 9 paper exemption for ACCA. 


  • 2 qualifications in 2 years - Get an MBA in International Finance, as well as a globally certified professional commerce certification such as ACCA, in just a short span of 2 years! So while your peers are pursuing a normal post-graduation you will be a master of finance and management. 


  • Be a master in the field of finance - ACCA gives you both financial and management accounting skills meaning that you can move between roles, industries and sectors. Along with this you will be studying MBA in International finance which will help you to focus on the core subjects and aims at combining applied aspects of finance along with business to make the aspirants ready for the job market.


  • Widen your horizons, better job prospects - Every industry needs accountants – your career options are diverse. What’s more, the ACCA is evidence that you possess skills in high demand in fields as diverse as industry, banking, law and consulting. Combine this along with the skills you accrue as you complete your MBA. You will not only have knowledge about the field of finance but you will also be improving your leadership and management skills. You will also learn how to handle tough situations and will help in creative hierarchies that help the company thrive and you can also make managerial decisions.


  • Get hired immediately - ACCA has more than 7400 approved employers, the big four amongst them. Having an ACCA alone will give you an edge as it shows that you have the skills required to be a strategic leader. This along with an MBA will ensure that all doors will be open to you. It will also deepen your connections with employers. You will get a clear cut idea of the change in the business world and can find new ways to adapt to the changes quickly.


  • Work anywhere in the world - ACCA is a globally recognised body and is respected in all parts of the world. With an MBA in Internal finance, you will be able to understand the functioning of businesses across the globe. You will be able to better facilitate the needs of your company and can guide it’s management accordingly. You will work in a global company with offices in different locations. It is also great for aligning business goals across borders. As global businesses are growing, this is an all-round popular specialisation.


  • Getter better remuneration - Job security, as well as a good salary, is at the end of the day most important to everyone. With a double qualification, you will be without doubt recipients of both. The average salary of an MBA is higher than an employee's with a regular Master's. You can expect to earn twice as much as what you would get from a regular university degree. ACCA’s along with MBA receives  a good remuneration. The average package would be approx 10-15 Lakh p.a and this will keep going up as you get more experience.  


The ACCA + MBA programme that is offered at Lakshya would be able to propel you to a safe and secure career with a wide range of opportunities. 


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