ACCA course along with your UG
June 09,2022

Advantages in completing your UG courses along with ACCA

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the fastest-growing international accountancy organisation with more than 2,00,000 members and more than 500,000 students in 180 countries. It is considered the gold standard for accountancy. As a globally recognized course and up-to-date on the industry requirements, ACCA qualification is an excellent way to build a career in Accounts and Finance. This qualification guarantees that the graduate will be a certified chartered accountant which allows them to work in all and every aspect of business/ Finance. Professionals can have a successful career in every sector ranging from banking, accounting, finance, audit to accounts and more.

The internationally recognized certification opens doors to a wide avenue of global opportunities. The global qualification confirms that the graduates have a deep knowledge of all domains of commerce and business. After graduation students have the opportunity to either start their practice or work along with MNC’s which include the Big Fours. One of the most compelling aspects of ACCA is that students get the opportunity to pursue their graduation along with their ACCA qualification. 

Let us look at the advantages of doing a graduation degree alongside your ACCA

  • Flexibility: ACCA is a very flexible course, which means that the students can decide when they want to write the exams, and how many papers they would like to attempt at a single shot. They can plan and prepare for the exams in a more structured manner. Students also dont have to bother about writing an entire module if they do not clear one paper like with the CA course. This allows students to look into pursuing other popular degree courses along with ACCA, for eg: B.Com which is a very widely popular examination.  
  • Save time: In normal situation a student will take 3-4 years to complete a graduation degree and then if they want to get a higher degree or a specialization they need to spend another 2-3 years. So instead of spending 6-7 years, you can finish a graduation degree and a global degree in ACCA within a span of 4-5 years. This allows them to save 3 additional years. So, while their peers are still studying or doing their post-graduation, an ACCA student would already become a globally recognized professional with a degree in hand.  
  • Paper exemption: ACCA exam consists of 13 papers which are in three levels. I.e knowledge level, skills level and professional level. When you pursue graduation alongside your ACCA, you can get 9 paper exemptions in your ACCA. They can directly start writing from the P-Level papers from the second year. 


  • Job opportunities: Unlike someone who has just done their graduation, having an ACCA qualification along with your degree opens up a wide spectrum of job opportunities both in and out of India. You will be an ACCA member which gives you access to the ACCA network, where you can get access to 7,400  approved employers from over 181 countries all across the world. 


  • Career Growth: Career growth is as important if not more than getting placed in a reputed organization. Nobody wants to be stagnant in their job roles. When you have an ACCA degree along with a graduation or graduation degree in finance; this gives you an edge over your peers in the same role. If you have pursued a UG in finance for eg: this would make you an expert in your field with a finance background, this will provide opportunities for you to rise up the ladders. It showcases your ability to handle tough situations, so its opens doors for you to move into upper management with ease. 


  • Get a better par package: Job security, along with a good salary, is at the end of the day most important to everyone. With a double qualification, you will have the opportunity to get both at the same time. Unlike others who have just a graduation or those who have just an ACCA, you will have double qualification. The average package would be approx 5-10 Lakh p.a depending on your performance and this will keep going up as you get more experience.  


What are the courses you could look into along with your ACCA?


B.Com is a well established and widely popular under graduation degree. Students can boost their finance background by pursuing a B.Com in International Finance and Accounting. This is a 3 year course, after which you will get a UGC certified course. Students will get direct entry to the P-Level that means that they dont have to write 9 papers in the knowledge and skills module. You can enter into the job market at a very young age with double qualifications. 


A Bachelors degree in Business management acts as a stepping stone for those looking to look at a job role in management. The 3 year course BBA in International Finance will establish your competency in subject matters not just related to finance but also your skills to apply the information from a manger perspective. Just like the above mentione course, this course will alow you to skip 9 papers in the knowledge and skills level, you can get direct entry to the P-Level exams. 


Bachelor in Vocation is an emerging course in India; this provides its graduates with the right skill sets required for the trade. Unlike other traditional courses, this 3-year degree focuses more on application-based subjects rather than focusing on theoretical knowledge. A B.Voc degree combines both theoretical knowledge with the practical know-how’s empowering its graduateto be job-ready. Just like the previously mentioned courses, you get a 9 paper exemption in the knowledge and skills level, giving you a direct entry to the P-Level exams. 

Post graduation courses:


Doing an MBA along with your ACCA will bulletproof your career. To supplements your accounting and finance background, students can pursue an MBA in international finance. Having an MBA will propel you career towards senior management roles as it showcases that you have a firm grim over finance. This is a 2 year course, taking this course will also give you a 9 paper exemption. You can get direct entry to write the P-Level papers. This course is curated for those who have completed their undergraduate degree. 


An M.Com in International Finance is an excellent option for those you have completed their graduation degree and are looking to get the masters. This is a 2 year course; just like the above mentioned courses you will get a 9 paper exemption and a direct entry to write P-Level examinations. 

You can look at these courses with us at Lakshya, we are a Gold certified partner with ACCA. All our classes are taught byexperienced and well established ACCA faculty, so even if you are doing an undergraduate degree you will be taught by ACCA experts. All of the above mentioned UG and PG courses will be awarded by a UGC certified university. For more information feel free to reach out to our career experts. 

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