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March 25,2019

Career options to take after 12th and how a career aptitude test can help.

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In order to stay current in this ever-changing world, it is imperative that you choose an ideal platform for your higher studies that will lead one to their perfect career path. What to choose after class 12/ plus two poses a very big dilemma for many students and parents alike. What course should you take up? Where to study? The questions are endless and gives sleepless nights to many.

Most of the students find it hard to identify their strengths, some may know it but they might not be aware of the possibilities that their talent holds for them. In a world like today with so many career opportunities, it’s a shame that many go through the traditional paths not because they aspire to follow that path but because they are unaware of the possibilities they have in front of them. The path you choose will be one that not only sticks with you throughout your life but it helps you to form your world views as well. It is possible to strategise and plan these things so that you have a definite career path.

All these questions fade away once you understand a few fundamental things.  

There is a huge difference between interest and aptitude. It is very possible for you to have an interest in something but whether you have the aptitude required to meet them is what's important. For eg: one might be interested in music but might not necessarily have the aptitude and potential to perform well in that area and achieve success.

A career should not just be a quick fix but it should provide you with the potential to grow; which is why a career aptitude test can help you to trace your path towards success and growth. Any job requires a particular aptitude combination that should match with an individual's potential ability to grow in that field.

A career test is an ideal way to figure out what career best suits your personality. It will give you an insight into your career personality. The results of such a test will showcase your strengths, helps you to identify your marketable skills and will provide you with a list of professions and occupations that fit your career personality.

Lakshya is conducting an aptitude test to help students who have just completed their class 12/plus two exams. We also provide the students with career aptitude specialists who will analyse the results and help you to identify the stream that will best suit your skill set. It is an ideal opportunity for students who are unaware of the options available, or who are aware of all the options but is indecisive with what to take or simply don't know what their strengths are. 

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A career test will never give you the ideal job but it will most definitely take you along the right career path and will definitely make you empowered with new information and insights to make career and education decisions that will ultimately align you with your passion, interests and aptitude.

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