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November 08,2021

How to learn Case Laws in CS Executive?

A perfect note of a case law in the answer leaves a great impression on the teacher reviewing your answer sheet. The company secretary course has various law subjects, especially the corporate law for the CS. Understanding the legal concepts and remembering them properly is the most important thing you should consider while studying case law. Here are some top tips to learn the case laws in CS with ease.

Not every case law matters

As a CS student, you should have a professional understanding of the law concepts. At the sametime, you don’t have to give the same importance to all case laws. There are more than 100 cases from each subject module, the number varies according to the module. They have crucial case laws as well as least important ones. You have to discuss with your mentor to find the most important ones and plan and memorize them.

List it out

After getting an overall idea about the concept, you should list out the important case laws and read it over and over. Consider it a regular task and follow without fail. It will be good to create a habit of checking court statutes every day. 

Write it down

Writing the names and the basic details of the case laws in the practice book make it easier to remember. Scribbling down the details of case laws gives better results than reading it 100 times, and helps to remember it for a long period of time. You can start writing while reading the case laws.

Focus on the final decision

Even after so much practice, you may not remember certain names or years of the case laws. Don’t worry, if you even can’t memorize the name, you can still write the overall idea and final decision of the case. The important thing is mentioning the decision of the case rather than the name and year of the event.

All about practice

There is nothing magical to happen in the learning process. You can’t learn all the case laws the previous day of your examination. It is better to focus on your studies and learn the case laws with much attention. Even the study table and the environment can influence you. Keep your place clean and try to learn in a calm environment which helps you to completely concentrate on the case laws. 

The case laws in CS executive are an important portion to get scored well. Follow these tips and crack your exams from the very first attempt.

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