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October 30,2021

Advantages of having CMA Certification

The Certified Management Accountant certification is a career-enhancing one.  It leads your profile into higher pay, more benefits, and better job opportunities. Thereby to the top of the hiring list of many companies. The CMA qualification is awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). It prepares you for the dream job within a short period. At the same time, the CMA certification provides the latest advancements and benefits to our career in the fields of accounts, business, and finance. The CMA certification helps your CV to stand out from the rest of the non-certified candidates and gives you that edge over others to grab the job.

Grow higher, get more opportunities

Stepping into the global level, the CMA certification ensures a promising career. Graduation helps you attain a good job, but if you are dreaming of a job abroad, the CMA certification means a lot. A CMA can master the areas of management decision-making, financial analysis, and planning. Many auditors, accountants, and financial analysts learn for CMA certification for career advancement. It opens up alternate career paths, resulting in higher positions in top companies. 

High Salary

Holding into higher positions will lead you to great salaries. The CMA-certified candidates switch to new jobs after getting experience, raising their earning potential. More years of experience can bring a visible change in your pay. The starting salary of a CMA ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 lakhs per annum.

International Appeal

For students who wish to pursue a career in the fields of finance or accounting, the degree may not be enough to achieve your dream position. However, when you plan your career abroad, the education in your country may not carry the same weightage there. While the CMA certification opens up an international career of immense opportunities. With the recognition of 140 countries, the CMA certification enables you to grab a demanding career abroad also. 

Multiple Exits

The CMA certification provides multiple career options.  The CMA certification teaches you corporate governance and other important business aspects, finance, and accounting concepts, including responsible accounting. Thus the candidates with CMA certification are allowed to make business decisions or are involved in collective business decisions. CMA candidates ensure a better entry-level position and many opportunities to be promoted. For instance, the CMA certification takes you to manage the accounts, and you can quickly move into a management position as well. 

More value as an employer

With a better understanding of business, finance, and accounts, A CMA can perform the work efficiently and give a better result than expected. Thereby your opinion gets valued and becomes an integral part of the company.

The CMA certification brings a huge impact on your career. If you dream of an international career, don’t hesitate to choose CMA as your next step.


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