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April 24,2019

CMA USA VS CMA India. What are the major differences?

Most students often feel overwhelmed while deciding between CMA USA and CMA India. This article will bring focus on the major differences.

CMA (USA) is a globally recognised certification awarded by the IMA. It has a shorter course duration and is a blend of business and finance acumen. CMA India is a certification awarded by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India and can be completed in a span of 3 years.



CMA India

Regulatory Body

Institute of Management Accountants

Institute of Cost Accountants of India

Course Duration

1 year

3 years


Class 12 pass/ UG

Class 12 pass

Pass criteria

Min of 360/500

Obtain 40% for individual papers & 50% aggregate in each group

Course format

2 parts

3 levels - Foundation, Intermediate level and Final Level


Globally recognised

Indian certification

Focuses on

Cost Management (Cost Reduction, auditing)

Cost Management (Cost Controlling)

Course Fee

1,19,00 INR (on offer)*

1,05,000 INR*


Not applicable

6 months

* in Lakshya as on 24/04/19

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