How Online Studies help to score good in ACCA
October 25,2022

How Studying Online can help you to complete ACCA?

ACCA is a well established globally certification that gives you in-depth financial knowledge and business skills. An ACCA qualification will give you the right credentials, it gives a boost to your earning potential, and open avenues to new job opportunities.

For those trying to juggle studying ACCA while they are working can be a very daunting task. ACCA requires all its aspirants to invest both time and effort. So when you have work balancing work with family commitments and handling classes can be very challenging. This is the perfect opportunity for you to then try and take ACCA classes in an online format instead of offline lessons. In today’s day and age, there are lots of opportunities for you to explore classes online. E-learning, online and recorded class have been on the rise since the pandemic, this mode of learning is getting more and more popular as its cost efficient, convenient and easy to consume when compared to traditional formats.

Let’s have a look at how studying online can be beneficial for you. 

  • Flexibility/ study at your own pace: One of the many advantages of online classes is of course the fact that it offers full control and flexibility to the learners. It is especially a great way of learning for working professionals. You can earn and build skills as you work as you also gain an ACCA qualification on the side and don’t have to give up on either of the skills. As people nowadays have the benefit of technology it comes as no surprise as to why people choose online classes to pursue their education alongside work. An unsaid advantage of online classes is that you can learn at a pace that suits your understanding and schedule. It helps you to decide the challenging topics you want to spend more time and energy on, so you can allocate more time on topics that are difficult and quickly skim through easy ones. Studying at an institute Lakshya will give you the opportunity to reach out to the faculty as many times as you want until you clear your doubts. This self-paced method will help you to thoroughly understand the topics and clear all doubts and misconceptions before you move on to the next course.


  • Easy on the pocket/ cost effective: Do I have enough resources to take up a course like this need not be a large concern as another advantage of online classes is that it is very cost efficient. Online classes are much more economical as compared to traditional classroom learning. Students can now learn from the best faculty, and learn at their pace and convenience without having to pay a lot. So now instead of studying at a coaching centre that is just cheap, you can actually study with a well established institute of your choice that offers online classes. Make sure you select an institute where the classes are taken by experienced faculty. Never join an institution on the basis of cost, it may save you some money now but it may not give you the best in your education. Apart from this, if you stay far away from your coaching centre you can also save money on transportation and even accommodation, getting study materials etc.


  • Study at your comfort and ease: Having the right environment to study is very crucial when you are preparing for an intensive exam such as ACCA. With online classes you get the advantage of studying in your comfort zone, you also don’t have to feel awkward or uncomfortable when asking doubts in the class. If you have on-demand or recorded classes along with your online classes then you have the option of revisiting classes and clarifying concepts that is difficult for you. You also get the freedom of scheduling your classes around other commitments, both personal and professional. You also can be at home and don't have to adapt to a new environment or share your rooms and resources with others. You can focus all your energy on just studying. It is a well known fact that ACCA is very voluminous, so you will have to spend a lot of time understanding all the concepts and subjects. Studying at home will give you all the extra time you need as you wouldn't be spending it on travel.


  • Access classes anytime, anywhere - Unlike offline classes where you have to attend classes at a fixed schedule, online classes specifically on-demand or recorded classes will give you access to the lecture anytime, anywhere. This gives you immense flexibility especially if you are someone who may need to travel a lot for work, or have to skip classes due to work-related or personal reasons. You will be able to access the classes from any device as long as you have connectivity and get to learn even when you are on the move. It is also a great way to revise. So if you want to brush up on some topics or go through some difficult topics when you have some time you can do so without having to consider time or location as a factor. 


  • Higher pass rates - As you already may be aware ACCA is a very rigorous course that requires you to do a lot of preparation. Attending classes will increase your chances of clearing examinations. Self study may work for some people but it is a fact that there is a lot of room for error, and that you may need a lot of time to find an effective study method that works for you. With online classes, you will get proper guidance from subject matter experts. They can also guide you on effective methods for preparation. Being a part of a structured online class, where you are approaching concepts in a well defined and structured manner will make you better equipped for the exams. Such classes will have regular examinations and tests which will give you a first hand experience of what to expect when you attend the final exams.


  • Tutor support around the clock - When picking online classes make sure that you are tied up with an established and reputed organization where you can have access to your tutors. A well established institute will also ensure that the faculty have real life experience and are experts in their own domain. Having a dedicated faculty pool ensures that you will be able to reach out to them with any doubt or clarification you may require. At Lakshya, we have structured our module systems carefully taking into account the exam structure and pattern, this maximizes a student's chance of clearing the exams. We also support students by giving them access to the right resources and having regular Q and A sessions with the tutors so that you can discuss and understand the topics where you need to put more effort and focus on.


  • High standards of learning - When you are in a classroom, students could be subjected to situations which may not be conducive to their learning. You may find it difficult as you may have to be in the same class with multiple students, you may not be able to listen to the lecturers well and you may lose out on important concepts due to the same. The major advantage of online classes is that you can stay focused and attend classes without any distractions all from the comfort of your home. At Lakshya, our online sessions are arranged to be led by industry experts who have years of experience in moulding students as they prepare for exams such as the ACCA. They are very well aware of the areas and concepts that need to be focused on, the classes are also structured in a manner where you find the content engaging and relevant. It is also customized in a manner where it will help you to obtain the scores you need. 


Why choose Lakshya for your online ACCA Journey?

With more than a decade of teaching experience, Lakshya is one of the most reputed and pursued after learning destinations for professional commerce courses. 

  • We are a Gold affiliate partner with ACCA, thereby providing you with the best in education as per the structure laid out by ACCA. 
  • Experienced and certified learning instructors conduct all the classes here are Lakshya, so you can rest assured that you are learning from an expert. 
  • We provide on-demand classes as well so that students can learn the subjects at their convenience anytime, anywhere.
  • Well structured module system and technical content and support structure to excel. 
  • Regular tests and exams will boost your chances your clearing the exams.
  • Placement support - our network of ACCA professionals increases your chances of getting placed at a reputed organisation once you have been an ACCA member. 
  • Students get access to the highest resolution videos and online courses, anytime anywhere, on any device. Students will also have access to interactive quizzes and access to tutor support to clear all their doubts.

If you wish to know more about our online classes, get a demo session, or get a deeper understanding of how the ACCA exam structure works, get in touch with our career guidance experts. 


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