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March 25,2019

How to be a CA and 5 reasons why you should be one.

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Chartered Accountancy - 5 reasons you should be a CA

Chartered accountancy is a stream that has long been hiding behind a mask of misconceptions. Students who opt to study this discipline should realise that being a chartered accountant opens up an array of possibilities to advance your career in every sector of business and finance.

Medical and engineering fields have definitely had its days of dominance. However, students of today need not look for aspiring careers just in this domain.  Chartered accountants are currently having their day in the sun as they garner a lot of respect for their competence and credibility as it opens up job opportunities both at home and abroad. They also possess the choice of being an employee at a firm or to create your own and pave a different career path.

Chartered accountancy is not just a degree, it moulds and transforms an aspiring individual to an expert who can audit, consult and analyse accounts to provide dynamic solutions, as it combines education with mentorship. The career path of chartered accountants are not predetermined by colleges but is largely determined by the choices they make as they get to make their own schedules by joining a coaching institute as per their prerogative.

The scope that this dignified profession holds is limitless as there are only a limited number of graduates.  Every organisation requires a CA so it's an open opportunity for every graduate.

One of the major backlashes that it receives is that it's not an easy nut to crack. But one also has to agree to the fact that this is what moulds professionals who are sought after and are not just professionals by mistake. A CA should not only possess a keen liking towards the stream of accounting but should also have an analytical mind. Any focused and hardworking individual can make it in this domain and be a pioneer in it.


  • You will be one of a kind - Every aspirant has to go through a period of articleship which is unique to this stream which instils a sense of professionalism and streamlines the thought process.  The hands-on learning experience also injects a sense of support and guidance which further enriches it.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Growth - The career trajectory that CA gets to experience is one that is unparalleled. It lets you reach the highest strata of the company's organisational hierarchy. From making strategic business decisions to increase the market shares you will be a path breaker in your domain. It also gives you the flexibility to be an entrepreneur by creating your own firm. 
  • Rewards - You will find a chartered accountant in every sector of the financial world and the rewards the obtain go hand in hand with it. A recent study conducted by the business line found that an average CA student got offered a starting salary of 7.36lakh per year in the campus placement programme conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) 
  • Security -  Job security is one thing that will never be on the back of your mind as this job is practically recession proof. As mentioned before there is a huge supply misalliance of CA’s, the demand of chartered accountants have been on the rise and with the implementation of the GST regime, we have a dearth of professionals to guide these taxpayers. 
  • Dynamic work - Contrary to popular beliefs the CA profession offers you something more than just number crunching.  You can choose from a plethora of options when it comes to which sector you want to be a part of; from working for a fast food chain to an NGO the world is your oyster.


In conclusion, CA is a field that requires perseverance but the benefits and rewards outweigh any mountain that you may have to surpass. It is thus that Chartered accountancy remains as one of the most respected disciplines.

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