How to effectively prepare and revise| ACCA exams
March 23,2020

How to effectively prepare and revise for the ACCA exams?

Preparation for your next exam should ideally start from the very next day since you have appeared for the last exam. While learning, keep a close eye on the notes, refer to the notes you have taken from your class. You should be knowing the notes like the back of your hand so that it will come effectively to you. 


Keep yourself updated, look for articles on the ACCA official website, take a deep dive into youtube or google to answer queries. You could also get in touch with the tutor or create your own study group, in order to study efficiently. By the time the course is complete, you should have also completed the portions along with the kit. Revision time should exclusively be for revision and should not be used for studying for the very first time.


Coming home and studying every day will definitely improve the odds of you doing well in the exams. In case you haven’t followed that, you can’t exactly go back and set things right. Instead, you can study efficiently and revise. In order to do your revision efficiently, here are some tips. 


  • Begin your revision with ample time ahead, not just a few days before the exams.
  • Be thorough with the exam format as well as the syllabus. Know the type of questions that can be expected 
  • Devise a proper study plan
    • Draw a schedule, create a time table for every day until the exams. 
    • Keep them practical and factor in breaks. Being realistic and setting attainable goals are what matter.
    • Take short breaks as this will be more effective than trying to study a lot at a go. Shorter study periods will increase productivity. 
    • Try to balance and mix things up. Right after you have gone through a difficult topic, pace it with an easy topic.
    • Doing the study methodologically and consistently is what matter. Even on days when you have other unavoidable events, make sure that you study at least a small topic so that you don’t lose the flow. 
    • Deal with difficult topics first so that you can attack it with a fresher mind. Look for mark heavy topics in the morning as well.
  • They don’t say practise makes perfect for nothing. Go through all the resources you have and practice as many questions as possible. Try questions from your kit, past questions papers etc. If you have a tough question, practice it multiple times so that it becomes clear. In case there are any theory questions try and practice those as well.
  • You can definitely use the phone or internet to get clarity on topics or study further on a topic. But don’t let that distract you. 
  • Quiz yourself about topics you have already covered.
  • Try and improve your exam writing techniques
    • Understand the CBE format and see how it works. Be thorough with the navigation features, formulae sheet, flag, highlight etc.
    • Learn to manage time efficiently. Try and practice under simulated conditions, time yourself and practice!
    • Understand the requirement of the question. Only the answers that aptly met the question requirement will be awarded the marks. 
    • Read the examiners report - Understand what the examiners are expecting from you so that you can answer more effectively.
    • Learn the marking scheme - Understand the mark appropriation, how much you have to write to attain how many marks.
    • Solve easy questions first - This will not only give you more time for the tougher questions later on, but they will also boost your confidence.
    • Get all those easy marks - Don’t miss marks for long questions, you will get marks for having the correct formats and copying the right figure etc.
    • Never leave questions unattended - As there are no negative marks, always attempt a question. You will at least get easy marks if you attempt.
  • Practice mock exams in simulated environments - Mock exams are available on the ACCA Global website. While attempting these questions, understand your mistakes and rectify them. 


Make the best use of your time and stay on top. 

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