Impact of Covid-19 in the Indian Education Setup
June 08,2020

Impact of Covid-19 in the Indian Education Setup


The conventional Indian education system follows face-to-face or physical teaching, even though the trend of audio-visual aids in classrooms was introduced a decade ago. Renowned universities in India such as the University of Delhi are offering online classes to its students already. But many higher education institutes in India are not equipped with such facilities. In the event of such a gap, some students might face the brunt brutally, which might affect their entire academic year. Unless we adopt from countries where the standard of education is far more advanced & flexible compared to ours.

Let us take a look at how to help our students have a bright and stable future after this once in a millennium event currently in a cycle. Why do professional courses hold the upper hand against more established courses like Engineering or Medical degrees? We hope this article clarifies that for you. 

Are Indian Colleges/ Education Systems Equipped to Handle the Change?

In a survey by Times Higher Education in 2018, the leaders of well-known global universities were of the opinion that online teaching could never match with physical room teaching. When we talk about how equipped Indian Higher Education System is to handle the change, we need to keep in mind that the digital shift in India is relatively new. Not only in India, but in Asia as well. You will be amazed to know that the first Asian Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) was developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in the year 2012 only.

Indian Colleges will take time to handle the change and be open to the new methods as the approach of the education system here is a lecture-based approach to teaching. Digital teaching is more evident in schools and the school students/ teachers/parents are more comfortable with this approach when compared to higher education set-up in India. In the event of COVID-19, online teaching has become a necessity, for not only colleges in India but worldwide to look for innovative solutions in a short period of time and to always have a Plan-B in place.

The only positive responses so far comes from professional course paths, who are adapting faster to the new norm. Accounting courses like ACCA, CA and CMA have found respite in the fact that online learning was already in the pipeline and rising before COVID-19 struck. The necessity has only helped the options to become a stable resource for the millions of students worldwide. ACCA supports its students through online material and classes while ICAW in India has taken steps to reach out to its aspirants.


Will the 2020 Academic Year Suffer?

With board exams, university exams, college exams, the entrance test being postponed, it will be a big challenge for colleges to complete their syllabus on time without compromising on the education quality. From delay in board exams to college being shut down to delay in national level entrance tests, it is the academic year of the students that will suffer. As already discussed, JEE Main which is the ticket to engineering education in India has already been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak & will lead to the delay in the start of academic sessions for most of the engineering colleges and most of the other colleges will witness a delay as well. 

Not just that, it is estimated that students aspiring to take admission in 2020 are now clueless as to how and where they should apply to colleges from here on. This would be the best time to actually take options into consideration about future plans for students. We could go so far as to say that professional courses have the most viable groundwork in place right now. It wouldn’t be a wrong choice to actually get your life back on track even during this COVID-break by taking up professional courses like ACCA.


How can you be ahead of the curve?

Let us begin with the positives of professional courses currently made available by institutions like Lakshya CA Campus. Lakshya offers courses like CA, CMA USA, CMA INDIA, CS and ACCA for aspirants who would like to hold jobs in the commerce and accounting fields in the future.


The institution provides online classes for its students, which as we know in this current situation is the best way to stay ahead of the curve. Gone are the days physical classrooms dominated the learning experience and Lakshya makes sure to provide a wholesome E-Learning experience. The institution takes upon itself the responsibility to avail the students the necessary tools in order to make their learning experience the best. 


The best faculty along with the best infrastructure and always on call moderators works to iron out any unseen circumstances at the fastest of times. Backroom support is the most important in such experiences and Lakshya comes up trumps. Here at Lakshya we have already started online classes on our platform to ensure that we are able to provide the best to students. Understanding the issue that some students may not be able to avail the live classes, we have also made the provisions to allow students to watch the recorded version in case they miss the live sessions.  ACCA has always been one to be ahead of the curve with online and computerized examinations, Student features available online, and even Webinars for furthering the knowledge curve.


Lakshya has taken steps to avail that to students in India so that we are at par with the rest of the world. Now, all it takes to get yourself out of this Covid-19 situation is to join up and take that next step. So, are you ready to stay ahead of the curve with Lakshya? 

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