Impact of self study in ACCA exam preparation
November 24,2021

Importance of self-study in ACCA

Doubts, explanation, finding more areas, and resolving them…As, learning with your friends gives more thought processes.

The group study has a great impact on answering with the finest perfection. Considering the professional courses, the group study may not bring the same confidence as in the University examinations. The global professional qualification, ACCA, is also included in the category in which students need to focus on self-study. In Professional studies, you need to be creative and put your head on the studies. The group studies may reduce your participation, thereby becoming a passive learner. less brainstorming and only paying attention to what others say during the studies, may not provide you with smooth handling of your interview. 

Self-study is better informed, gaining expanded understanding and an effort to improve themselves in learning. It’s all about your effort, reading, understanding, creating notes, and then learning them.

Manage your time

As an ACCA student, while preparing for your examination, time management is crucial. Self-study will enhance your ability to manage your time properly. Finding the important sessions, subdividing the portions, and allocating the time make you arrange the examination as well. If you get 2 months of study time, you have the time to complete all the portions as well as practice the mock tests.

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Most importantly, in self-study, you should ensure that you are on track at every stage and not delay any process. You should push yourself at every point. The ACCA syllabus is vast and finding the important sections are necessary for using the time wisely. The Internet is full of useful information related to ACCA. You can find a wide range of platforms and websites which provide you with the information.

Understand the syllabus

For ACCA, learning and understanding the syllabus is the prime thing. You should have great control over the syllabus and get a thorough knowledge of the concepts covered in each part. Reading the Intro from the ACCA website before going into a certain section will provide you with a better path into the core of the topic.

Learn without Constraints

The self-study gives you the freedom to choose at what time, what to learn. You may not study your favourite topic first in a group study, it goes according to the majority decision. It will confuse the plan and you can get a flow in the learning process. By self-study, you can arrange and take breaks in between the study, thereby providing great flexibility. It helps to find what method of study suits you more because it changes from person to person.

A sense of responsibility

The effort you made will definitely result in yourself. Self-study has a great impact on the quality of education. It constructs a responsibility for you, even in presenting the answers in the sheet. Being responsible for your study, even after the completion of every single topic, you will get satisfaction. This will boost your confidence in further study as well as in the exam.

Self-study improves the quality of learning. The better comprehension of subjects prevents one from blanking out during the examinations, leading to a better score.


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