Know more about the paper exemptions in ACCA
December 28,2021

Know more about the paper exemptions in ACCA!

The global recognition of ACCA always lays a long-lasting foundation for the career of a student. If you are joining the ACCA course with proper foundational knowledge of accounting and finance, then why don’t you go with the paper exemption? The ignorance of paper exemptions in the ACCA course increases the duration to become an ACCA member. 

The paper exemption in various modules provides you with many advantages in completing the course.

Reducing the Gap:

If you wish to pursue ACCA after your graduation, then the paper exemption helps you save years in the completion of the course. Even if you completed a specific course recently or are working in the same field, the exemption is worth it to become an ACCA member early.


Another important factor to consider while thinking about the ACCA paper exemption is. For instance, if you have completed the B.Com degree and decided to begin the ACCA course, then you don’t need to start from the beginning. You can join directly into the F5 level. You can save time as well as reduce the difficulty of the course. 


Without writing a certain paper, you can avoid the tuition fee, study material fee, and examination fee at certain levels of the course. At the same time, you need to pay a certain amount as an exemption fee.

Am I eligible?

Before going further in the paper exemption, you need to ensure that you are eligible for the paper exemption. The education qualification is the basis for getting the exemption. It includes the certifications or relevant foundation, graduation, or post-graduations.




ACCA Exemptions


4 Papers

CA Professionals

9 Papers

B.Com/M.Com/BBA/MBA (Pursuing)

9 Papers

CMA Degree with 5 years of experience

9 Papers

A maximum exemption of 9 papers can be obtained to become an ACCA affiliate, mainly in ACCA Knowledge and Skills Module. Exemptions are not allowed in the P-level Papers.

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