New Era of learning - ACCA Recorded classes? Why opt for the way of the future?
October 24,2020

New Era of learning - ACCA Recorded classes? Why opt for the way of the future?

The Recorded classes have been specially curated taking into account the path-breakers who wish to study in your own terms. Students don’t have to worry about time or worry about missing live classes. It produces an amazing opportunity to study beyond the walls of the classroom. 

Let’s take a look at how the course is structured.

Students have the opportunity to choose between two structured classes -

  1. Concepts + Practice, Exams + Revision
  2. Concepts + Practice, Exams 

All the topics will be covered in a concise and precise manner. Students will also be provided with a Practice Guide and Study Plan which are to go side by side along with the online classes. You can then check the practice guide and take examinations. As you get the chance to see the faculty to solve the question it will provide a better guide for you as you move onto tackling the exams on your own. 

The practice guide has been curated taking into account the examiners report because multiple times it is shown that students don’t understand the question requirement thus they fail the exam. This guide is intended to help you attempt practice questions after you have completed viewing the chapter video.

Finally, you can attend the revision sessions with your tutor which will be held live. It will be a concise crash course of the entire syllabus. This session will focus on CR questions with exam tips and examining team comments on commonly repeated mistakes by students. There will also be a debriefing session where the faculty will go through the recent exam questions.

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Why attend the recorded classes instead of the live lectures?

  • Scheduling flexibility - The primary benefit of the recorded classes is, without doubt, the flexibility. You can study at your own pace and take time to view it with note-taking in between. 
  • Choose the best learning environment - Students can study the notes in any place at any time. You don’t have to be confined to having connectivity at all times and thus miss portions of the live lectures. 
  • Pacing flexibility - Students can learn at their own pace, take time to refer in between or get in touch with the faculty in case you have any additional queries. You have an entire hand kit which will give a structured way in which you can organise your study. 
  •  Revision - You will get to have a revision of the entire syllabus in the most structured manner, which will be live so that you can ask your questions then and there and cover all the topics. 
  • Easier to focus - It will help you to focus in a better manner. You can pick timings of your convenience. If you are able to function better at night or if you are an early bird you can use that time to your advantage. 
  • Perfect if you are working - If you are someone who is working then it will be very difficult to juggle both the hours required at work along with the time to attend live lectures. But if you are organised and are self-disciplined then you can easily do both with the recorded lectures. 

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