The revision tips you don't want to miss
November 12,2021

Revision, an inevitable pillar in learning

Even though it started months earlier, the last few days have had an effective impact on your exam preparation. The most stressful situation in the examination is the last 24 hours. Being so worried, some students can’t even concentrate on the examination or read the complete questions or get the proper meaning. The revision is the inevitable part to grab a great score in your upcoming examination.

Remember, there are some pitfalls if you bring the whole subject to the last minute. Mainly repetition is key while learning new topics and last night's studies never lead to a long-term study. So here are some tips to make the finishing line more accurate.

Use every second wisely

As we repeat the same topics for a couple of days, every second matters in the last 2-3 days. You should have great control over the time, and importantly take a break from visits and trips. It is better to list the major portions and what time you can cover it finally. And also look into keywords that can bring you a whole picture of the concept. Studying by connecting concepts can be a good advantage. Don't panic, if you miss some points while revising, believe in yourself and go ahead.

Cut out distractions

A peaceful mind is unavoidable while learning, especially in revising the studied chapters. Keep away your problems and pressures and get into your comfort zone at least during the upcoming days of the exam. Moving from social media helps to completely engage in studies. If you feel any issues while studying, solve them and then continue learning.

Summaries, not full notes

You don’t have enough time to read sentence by sentence during the final preparation. The habits of noting important points and writing summaries will help you to understand the concepts easily and vividly. Creating a habit of note-taking worth developing a disciplined study as well as simplifying the concepts. There are various note-taking methods like Mapping Method, Cornell Method, Symbols, abbreviations and short-handed, charting method, Split Page Method, and so on.

Find the different methods of note-taking in our previous blog, “5 most effective methods of note-taking - Life Hack!” 


Concentrates on the weak spot

Look into the least touched, confusing concepts with more care. The revision time provides a better learning environment and prompts us to complete all the study concepts. You can share doubts with your friends and ask for clarification because problems shared are problems halved. Sharing the studied topics with others gives a proper structure of delivery to the concept. Getting a balance in the difficult concepts will definitely increase your confidence while answering the questions.

Apart from all these points, think positively.

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