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June 29,2022

Why Should I Study ACCA Online?

ACCA is a globally recognised certification that gives you the financial knowledge and business skills necessary to achieve reputed credentials, increase your earning potential, and venture into new job opportunities.

But obtaining an ACCA qualification requires both time and effort. It can get very challenging and taxing especially for those who have a job, are doing another course, have family commitments, and other commitments. If you face such challenges, then doing an ACCA online is the right solution for you. E-Learning is one of the most faced-paced emerging modalities in education, primarily because it's cost-effective, convenient and quick in terms of consumption compared to the traditional formats. 


Let’s look at some top 7 reasons why you should consider doing your ACCA course online

  1. Flexible, self-paced learning: With online classes, students get the flexibility of learning at their convenience. They can understand the concepts and take better notes with a self-paced form of learning. It is especially beneficial for working professionals as online classes enable you to earn, and build on-the-job skills while acquiring a professional ACCA qualification without having to give up on either. In today’s fast-paced environment it is of no surprise that people choose to advance their careers by pursuing ACCA online. Online classes ensure that you are completing the course at a pace that suits your personal needs- wherein you are spending more time and energy on topics or areas that may be more challenging for you. You can quickly complete topics that you are already familiar with or that are easier to comprehend. At Lakshya, you also have the added benefit of reaching out to the faculty multiple times to clear your doubts and queries. Studying in a seld-paced format will ensure that you have clearly understood the topics so that misconceptions or mistakes aren't compounded as you move ahead with the course.
  2. Learn more for less/Cost efficiency:  For those who travel long distances, or travel across cities to learn at a reputed institution, online classes are a boon. Distance learning is very economical compared to traditional classroom learning. This means that students still get to learn from the best tutors but for a fraction of the cost. So instead of settling for a coaching institute that is cheaper, you can now make a well-informed call on the learning partner you would like to be associated with for your ACCA preparations. Ensure that your curriculum is delivered by expert faculty you are well established in their doman and have experience. Joining an institute just on the basis of cost can also be detrimental as you may not be getting the best in terms of education which will hamper your chances of succeeding. Apart from tuition savings, as mentioned earlier you can also save on transportation charges, getting materials printed and so on and so forth.
  3. Learn in comfort: The environment in which you study makes a huge impact on the way you perform for your examination. Online ACCA classes will enable you to study in your comfort zone, you don’t need to feel apprehensive about asking questions and getting doubts cleared. With on-demand classes, you can watch videos again and clarify any portions that seem tougher for you. It gives you the freedom to schedule your classes around your other commitments. It is specifically beneficial for students who live far away from the coaching institute. You do not have to stay in a hostel and adjust to different cuisines. You can instead focus your energy on studying well. As ACCA has a vast volume students need to cover, you should focus on spending 8-10 hours of study per week, post classes. This number should increase as you draw closer to the exams
  4. Accessible from anywhere: Traditional classrooms expect you to be present in that particular physical space, at that set time. Online ACCA classes give you the freedom to access classes no matter where you are. You may have to be on the move, due to work-related or personal reasons and do not have to worry about skipping classes. You can access your classes from any device and learn on the move. You can run through the topics and brush up when you are travelling, taking a coffee break or while you are waiting for a bus. The limit to actually consuming the data is in your hands. 
  5. Higher chances of passing: ACCA is an exam that requires rigorous preparation. Attending classes will increase your chances of clearing the exams. Doing self-study has a lot of potential pitfalls, but you can avoid them by getting the proper direction from experts. Even though ACCA does provide you with resources, having properly structured course material will help you to be effective. Attending a proper online course will inevitably increase your chances of clearing the exams, as you are attending classes taught by subject-matter experts, and you will be continuously attempting test papers and exams which will prepare you for the final exams.
  6. Dedicated Tutor Support: When you study for ACCA from a well established and reputed organization you will receive dedicated support from tutors who are experts in their own domain. You can reach out to them to clarify any doubts you may have. Lakshya’s module system is set up in such a manner that it maximizes the student's chance of passing the exam as we provide the right resources along with the feedback from the tutor so that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and then work on them. 
  7. Higher Standard of Learning: When you are studying in a classroom, many students may experience discomfort such as being in a class with lots of students, the lecturer may not be audible, you may have missed out one line and then losing track of the whole concept. Attending ACCA classes online means getting rid of all those little roadblocks whereby you can focus exclusively on understanding the concepts. When you learn at Lakshya, you will be learning from seasoned industry experts who have decades of hands-on experience. So, they know the right targeted areas to focus on, this will help to ensure that the content taught is engaging, relevant and tailored to help you secure the scores you need. 


What are the entry requirements for pursuing ACCA?

Any student who has completed their +2 can attempt the ACCA exams. Students who are graduates can also attempt the exam and can avail of the exemption from the fundamental level exams. Depending on the type of program you are attempting or have completed ACCA allows up to an exemption of 9 papers. 


Why choose Lakshya for your online ACCA Journey?

With over a decade of experience, Lakshya is one of the most reputed and sought after learning destinations for commerce courses. 

  • We are a Gold affiliate partner with ACCA, thereby providing you with the best in education as per the structure laid out by ACCA. 
  • Experienced and certified learning instructors conduct all the classes here are Lakshya, so you can rest assured that you are learning from an expert. 
  • We provide on-demand classes as well so that students can learn the subjects at their convenience anytime, anywhere.
  • Well structured module system and technical content and support structure to excel. 
  • Regular tests and exams will boost your chances your clearing the exams.
  • Placement support - our network of ACCA professionals increases your chances of getting placed at a reputed organisation once you have been an ACCA member. 
  • Students get access to the highest resolution videos and online courses, anytime anywhere, on any device. Students will also have access to interactive quizzes and access to tutor support to clear all their doubts.

If you wish to know more about our online classes, get a demo session, or get a deeper understanding of how the ACCA exam structure works, get in touch with our career guidance experts. 

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