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December 04,2019

7 No-Fail revision tips for accounting students

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With ACCA exams currently on foot, let’s take a look at important revision tips that will help you with your exam prep. Revision methods will vary from person to person and everything may not work for you but take a look at the following steps so that you can include them into your revision plans.


  • Plan better - Planning is the most crucial part of planning. It will ensure that you cover everything, it also helps with time-management. You can start by having a weekly timetable with a rough idea of what subjects/ topics for each day. It will also make sure that you don’t get nervous or overwhelmed deciding what to study or how long to spend on a topic. It will also ensure that you cover all the topics with enough time.
  • Be Realistic - Make sure that while you are planning you keep it realistic. Know your limits, give proper breaks, you know it’s not possible to study for 4 hours straight.  Setting up an unrealistic workload will not only make you feel dejected and disappointed but it will also tire you out. So make sure that you set very attainable realistic goals.
  • Keep your noted organised - Make sure that all your notes are well organised and there are not on random notes here and there. Have sections for each topic so that you can browse through them easily. Organised notes also will help you for last-minute revisions.
  • Take regular breaks - Make sure that you will take regular breaks while you study. Research suggests that focusing on a large amount of time will be difficult and will not be effective. Try and plan breaks in while you study, maybe 15 minutes of break after an hour of study or so.
  • Do Not cover all the content the night before - the worst thing that you can do the day before the exam is to cramp in all the information. This not going to anything other than getting you stressed and overwhelmed. Go through your pre-prepared notes or flashcards, this will help you to go through the topics and have a quick last min revision, making you more confident.
  • Best way to learn is to teach - One of the best ways to retain information is to teach the same concept to your friends or family. Sometimes even saying the concept out loud to yourself can work. Coming up with answers from your memory which will help you during the exams.
  • Practice questions - Practice as many questions as you can. You will then be able to focus on your weak point and you can work on that. You can then review the topics you not too confident about.  

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