7 reasons why students fail in CA exams
May 01,2020

7 reasons why students fail in CA exams

After the CA exams are announced, and the results are not perfect, there will be many of you who are lost wondering ‘Where did I go wrong?’ There are a lot of common mistakes that students make when preparing and even while writing the exams. So, today we will go through the most 7 common mistakes that students make.

1.Improper planning/ time management skills 

This is, without doubt, one of the main contributing factors as to why students fail. Ensure that you utilise time efficiently, have an effective study plan, use productivity apps that can help you with the same. Try and avoid unnecessary gatherings, attend only the most important event. Utilise all the time productively to attain your primary goal. Even at the exam hall try and segregate your time efficiently. Have a proper plan as to how you will go about to answer all questions.


2.Wrong selection of books or Ignoring the ICAI material, practice manual

Always refer to the books/notes which are given to you by the coaching institute, also go through the ICAI material, they are both detrimental to you achieving the desired results. You have to go through the ICAI materials, the notes provided by your coaching centres, the practice manuals, RTPs, MTPs etc. You need not go through it wholly but the main idea is that you have at least skimped through it. 


3.Poor presentation skills

You may find it hard to believe that this is one of the big reasons students don’t clear the paper. Most of the rank holders vouch that they are able to score good marks as they are able to present the paper well. So ensure that you have proper presentation skills so that the examiner will understand what you are trying to communicate.


4.Ensure that you use practice the proper writing format

Even when you are practising at home make sure to adhere to the proper writing format. Most students might have the habit of cross-referencing the answer and not working out the whole problem. Ensure that you practise to solve the complete question and that you don’t leave questions halfway while studying. 


5.Analysing mistakes

Understand the reasons for your failure, failure is not there without a reason. Your wisdom will help you to understand where all you went wrong before. Treat failure as an opportunity to learn. Ask help from your faculty to get a clearer idea of what you should have done. Seeking help will always help you so don't hesitate.


6.Allocate proper time for revision

Ensure that you set a good study schedule so that you can revise. There is nothing that can replace a good revision. The notes you prepared before will come in handy during this time period. 


7.You give less importance to the theory part of the practical papers

Ensure that you give the same importance to your theory part in the practical subject. The right amount of theory preparation in practical subjects is crucial. Solve this issue by practising frequently asked theory questions from scanners.  


Hope that you will be able to avoid these land mines and can work effectively. Let us know if you feel we should be adding something else into our list. 


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