Important factors in choosing a CA firm for Articleship
October 27,2021

Remember, before you choose a CA Firm for Articleship

A Chartered Accountancy firm helps you to find wide exposure to work and become a good professional. A good CA article experience helps you in understanding practical aspects of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, etc. Quest for a good CA firm will commence from the last six months of your CA course completion, But it is not an easy task!

Articleship is not only meant for your CA Final examination but also stands as a backbone of your entire CA career. Proper knowledge can only bring proper guidance for your Articleship. If you are taking advice from anyone, you should select the right person who has an up to date knowledge in the field. Before searching for the most suitable CA firm, you should keep certain points in mind.

Plan for your future

Your future plans are one of the major factors in deciding which firm will provide the fastest route to achieve your goal. You should find your future whether it is a job or practice firstly and then search for the appropriate firms. You should have a thorough knowledge of your interests which brings a fine line into your future destination.  Suppose you have an interest in Accounting, then prefer those firms which are specialized in accounting which lead you to the maximum exposure to the accounting work.

Experienced Partners

The number of experienced partners greatly depends on the development of the firm, more numbers will lead to better development. There you can get more thought process, more practice and good training. A good professional background will bring more clients, thereby better learning. Always look for a firm that has at least two or more partners. 

Size of the Firm 

The number of articles and the size of the firm are also important factors. Check the firms that have at least 15-20 articles and a certain number of chartered accountants apart from the partners. It may not be a good idea to select a firm that has a small number of people who directly report to the partners. The major intention to work in a midsize firm is to learn a variety of works and practices, by having a wide scope of assignments. 

Working Environment

The office environment and corporate culture demand a lot in creating quality production work. Choosing your firm near to your location made it easy for work and access. An encouraging environment in the office helps you for overall development. 

At the same time, there are certain factors which you don’t need to worry about. Even though your Stipend is very less, you can earn it within a single month after becoming a CA. Work pressure is always there in your articleship as well as in your real job. It will be better to learn to handle the pressure during the articleship. Be prepared to choose the CA firm. 

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