Advantages of B.COM along with ACCA course
October 29,2021

Know More about B.COM along with ACCA

ACCA is one of the fast-growing accounting professions in the world. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), a leading UK-based international body that has been bringing potential competent minds into the ever-growing accounting field. The internationally recognized certification reflects the wide spectrum of global opportunities. The global qualification ensures the students have a deep knowledge of all fields of commerce and business. Not only in the field of accounting, but an ACCA affiliate can also design a career in the fields of internal audit, taxation, accounting advisory, and forensics. Thus ACCA qualification provides multiple exit points for the students like the corporate companies, Big 4 ones, MNCs across the globe. 

The demanding career in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in the fields of Banking and Finance industry, accounting and corporate sector brings the course the category of ever chosen one. Intending to get unlimited career opportunities, many students seek ACCA qualifications after the B.Com graduation. 

Breaking the conventional pathways, the B.Com degree along with ACCA become the most interesting course nowadays. The students who have completed their (10+2) examination from State Board / CBSE / NIOS / IGCSE / IB / ICSE recognized by the State or Central Government are eligible for the course. And who is due to appear in the (10+2) examination is also eligible to apply. The B.Com along with the ACCA course brings more advantages and career possibilities. 

Course Duration

The duration of the ACCA course is 4-5 years including the training and the B.Com is a 3-year degree program. If the student chooses ACCA after his B.Com degree, he/she needs a minimum of 8 years to complete the course. At the same time through the B.Com along with ACCA, the student can save 4 academic years. Thus students can enter the global market within a short period. Getting an international degree at a very young age widens career opportunities.

Paper Exemption

For an ACCA qualification, you need to complete 13 papers. One of the biggest advantages of B.Com along with ACCA is the highest number of papers exemption, 9 papers exemption in ACCA Knowledge and Skills Modules. Another interesting thing is that the student can write the ACCA P Level papers from the second year. 

Reverse Exemption

Another remarkable advantage beneficial for ACCA students is a reverse exemption.  If you already registered for ACCA and completed a specific number of papers in the Knowledge and Skills level, then you don't need to write those equivalent papers in B.Com. And only need to pay the fee for the papers which are exempted in the level. For instance, if you completed 5 out of the first 9 papers in ACCA, you don't need to write the remaining 4 papers. You will get an exemption for these 4 papers by paying the exemption fee.

Because of the global recognition of ACCA, the B.Com along with the ACCA course is largely preferred by many organizations. The key fields after the course are investment banking, management, and consulting, and technical areas such as Audit and Assurance, Corporate Reporting, Financial Management. 


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