How to choose the ACCA Optional Papers
December 15,2021

How to choose the ACCA optional paper?

Dreaming of a well-settled career at a young age? Go ahead. 

ACCA is one of the most prestigious certifications offered by the global professional accounting body, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Recognized in more than 180 countries, it has 233,000 members and 536,000 future members worldwide. Greater career progression, limitless opportunities anywhere across the world, high standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism, and accountability and so many reasons bring the course into the most demanding one today. Apart from the global recognition and appeal, becoming an ACCA member makes it worth both your personal as well as professional life. 

ACCA syllabus includes 13 papers categorized into the Fundamental Level and Professional Level. The Fundamental Level is subdivided into Applied Knowledge level and Applied Skills level.

Strategic Professional Level​

  Fundamental Level Strategic Professional Level 
Applied Knowledge Level Applied Skills Level  Essential   Optional 
F1: Business and Technology (BT)  F4: Corporate and Business Law (LW)  P1/P3: Strategic Business Leader (SBL) P4: Advanced Financial Management (AFM) 
F2: Management Accounting (MA) F5: Performance Management (PM)   P2: Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) P5: Advanced Performance Management (APM) 
F3: Financial Accounting (FA) F6: Taxation (TX)    P6: Advanced Taxation (ATX) 
  F7: Financial Reporting (FR)    P7: Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
  F8: Audit and Assurance (AA)    
  F9: Financial Management (FM)    



After completing the Applied Knowledge Module and Applied Skills Module successfully, choosing the best ACCA Strategic Professional optional paper can reduce the difficulty to achieve your dream of becoming an ACCA member. It greatly depends on how quickly you pass and your career. More than determining the 'easy' or 'difficulty', there are certain factors that affect your decision.

While Choosing the Optional Papers

Previous Performance :

How did you perform in the Applied Skills Level? There are many topics covered in the previous papers related to the optional papers. Your performance in that paper shows how much you are interested in that certain topic and how the results were. If you have performed well, then it will be a good sign to choose the particular optional paper. 

Career Path :

A strong grasp on your dream at every turn. There are specific papers that lead to a certain career. If you have worse performance in a paper, but your career demands that one, then it will be unwise to continue that paper.

Pass Percentage :

Check out the previous pass rates of optional papers including the number of students who qualified. It provides you with a better idea of how many students found difficulty in the examination.

Choose the optional paper by considering all the factors.

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