CMA India direct entry after CAT course
December 13,2021

How to get CMA INDIA direct entry after the CAT?

Because of the huge demand for entry-level Accountants in India, the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) has launched a short-term Course, Certificate in Accounting Technicians (CAT). The one year course enables the students to master the areas of maintenance of accounts, preparation of Tax Returns, Filing of Returns under Companies Act, Filing of Returns under Income Tax, GST, Customs Act, Export & Import documentation etc.

The course consists of 3 Stages

  • Foundation Course (Entry Level)
  • Competency Level 
  • 15 days of Internship 

More than becoming an employee to do the entry accounting functions in the sectors like Small & Medium Enterprises, Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO), Retail Sector, Panchayats Accounting and Book-keeping, Export & Import documentation and so on, the CAT course opens up wider career paths in the field of accounting.


The CAT qualification enables the student to join one of the top courses in management accounting, Cost and Management Accountants without qualifying the CMA IND Foundation level. The direct entry to the Intermediate level only requires the successful completion of the entry level of CAT.

The Cost and Management Accountants focus on the particular fields of management accounting. A Cost and Management Accountant specializes in creating managerial decisions. They would get more engaged with analytics, forecasting, risk management, treasury activity etc. They have great demand in the sectors like Government sector, Private sector, Banking & finance sector, Developmental agencies,Education and so on.

The CMA course is divided into three exam parts- CMA Foundation, CMA Intermediate and CMA final.


Getting into CMA IND Intermediate level directly through the CAT course provides you more benefits in the career. 

Time: Most importantly, it saves time. Students need about 7 months to complete the CMA Foundation level. But the CAT entry level needs about one month only. 

Boost Confidence: Skipping the Foundation course reduces the effort and tension, thereby making them more confident to the next level.

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