Skills and qualities of a CA
October 07,2021

Do you have these skills as a Chartered Accountant?

A Chartered Accountant is the most highly qualified accounting professional. This highly qualified and experienced person can work in various sectors like Businesses and industries, CA firms, Consultancy firms, Institutions, Capital market services, Financial institutions, and so on. The average salary of a chartered accountant is between 6-7 lakhs per annum in India which can increase as per the skills and experience. As a noble profession, a chartered accountant should possess some skills and qualities.


Maintaining ethics and values is a prime factor to any job while it becomes prominent in responsible positions like Chartered Accountancy. Applying professional skepticism while accepting the work made the work more authentic and truthful. Upholding strong ethical standards maintains transparency in the work. If anything is against the ethics and values offered to a chartered accountant, he should not accept it in anyways. He should have an eye on the ideals of respect, discipline, and hard work.

Communication Skills

Even though they are knowledgeable or an expert in the fields, sometimes they fail to prove themselves mainly because of communication issues. A Chartered Accountant should be a great communicator to handle the clients or to represent in an interview or Board Meetings or Annual General Meetings. He can influence the client only through the proper communication of technical information and financial data.

Apart from oral communication, the written communication should be in a formal language and follow etiquette.


Well, you should be careful while involving in financial issues. 

Being honest and accurate, Integrity has a huge role in this reputed position. A Chartered Accountant should be straightforward while performing his duties and also responsible in his works if anything happens misleading. For instance, if a CA finds any activities which result in tax liabilities, he should immediately bring it to the notice of management and take necessary steps. Building lasting integrity is the only way to find potential clients.

Analytical Skill

Not only in Chartered Accountancy but also in every field of accounting, good analytical skill is prominent. Doing a proper analysis of transactions and documents is relevant to the field. Therefore, a CA must be a master of numbers and capable of taking decisions according to that.  The detailed analysis leads to the problems, thereby should maintain an ability to solve the issues. Conducting a good analysis will generate thoughtful ideas and solutions.

Hands on up to date knowledge.

Dealing with numbers and financial matters, a chartered accountant should be well versed with excel which saves the cost and hours. Getting a good command over digital technologies helps them to improve their career and bring more opportunities. A CA should keep himself updated with amended laws as well as new case laws along with other business updates.

Master the skills, before stepping into this reputed profession.

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