Career opportunities of B.Voc Course
September 23,2021

Widening the career path: Kerala PSC approves the B.Voc Course.

Unlike the other degree courses, Bachelor of Vocation(B.Voc) is more job-oriented as per the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF), focusing to prepare the students with a specific skill and make them ready for the industry. Even though the course ensures a job, students are reluctant to choose the degree course which lacks the UGC certification for years. Now the course has been approved by the Kerala Public Service Commission. UGC has launched the B.Voc course as part of the Central Government’s new education policy that prioritizes skills development. Apart from the skills, it adds more advantages to it.

  • The knowledge and skill at every level are valuable as well as beneficial. 

Even if you can’t complete the 3-year degree course, you can still obtain a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma (or equivalent) after completion of the first and second years respectively. The student can get the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) certification each semester.

  • More focus on practical training.

The curriculum includes 40% of theory and 60% of practical training. This helps to completely acquire the skill and understand it in depth. With the training, students become confident enough to start their work and are the master of it. It also gives emphasis on language and communication skills. 

  • You can get a job in any sector

The students can choose the B.Voc degree as per their interests. The degree touches almost every sector like Agriculture, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Childcare and geriatric care, Dialysis technology, Electronics, Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrial safety, Industrial tool manufacturing, Information technology-enabled service, Logistics, Management & Entrepreneurship, Media & Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Printing & packaging technology, Renewable energy, Telecom, and Travel & tourism.

  • A complete degree program

The regular degree program Bachelor of Vocation(B.Voc), is UGC approved. It ensures the learners have adequate skills, makes them work-ready, and enhances the employability of the graduate students. The curriculum is a blend of vocational and business management concepts. 

The degree designs a better future for students, by making them ready for the job in the interested field.

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