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May 14,2021

Why should you choose a career in CA when there are plenty of other options available?

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Chartered Accountancy - Why should you choose a career in CA when there are plenty of other options available?

People often wonder why CA has been given so much priority
when it's come to professions in the financial industry. Well the
reason for this is that chartered accountants are the most in
demand finance professionals in the world. CA is one of the leading
professions in the field of finance, accounting and auditing.
In today’s world people are growth oriented and everyone wants
their profession to be their status symbol. If you are considering a
career in commerce, then CA is the right path that can lead you to
success. A CA is the only person who gets to enjoy the monopoly of
auditing the financial statement of an organization.
Unlike their peers in other streams, chartered accountants get an
in-depth training of years and have to clear multiple exams in
various aspects of accounting to earn the title, making them the
best in their field. Financial institutions are always in the search for
skilled chartered accountants, which increases the employment
opportunity and demands for CA professionals.
CAs often enjoy a high reputation in society, especially in India as it
is considered as one of the most prestigious jobs. Furthermore,
CAs are the only person responsible for a company's audits in
India. After clearing the final examination of the CA course, a CA is
considered as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
of India (ICAI) thereby increasing their credibility and authority.
CEOs of some of the world's renowned organisations are chartered
accountants. Keki Mistry, the Vice Chairman & CEO of HDFC, Krish
Iyer, the President & CEO of Walmart’s India unit, Rajesh Magow,
CEO of MakeMyTrip are few examples for successful CEOs of
reputed organisations.CA being an internationally renowned
qualification, provides its practitioners with more opportunities to
work overseas,especially in countries like Canada,US and Uk
Some of the benefits of this profession are,
1. Growing Field
 Accounting field is gaining importance with the growth in business
sectors and the job opportunities in this sector are destined to
enhance in the coming years.

2. High Income
Becoming a CA can help you live your life comfortably with an
ample remuneration. The average annual income of CA
professionals in India is 6 to 25 lakhs whereas the international
packages can range upto 75 lakhs.

3. Entrepreneurial Opportunities
The profession of accounting provides you with the opportunity to
be your own boss as well. It is easy for CAs to start their own firm
or consultancies, which is not easily done by any other

4. Extensive Professional Growth
After completing a graduate degree, you can start as an entry-level
associate and the growth will be great later as well.

5. Social Status
CA professionals are often treated as experts in the fields of
Finance, Laws and Banking, which makes their opinion valuable.
People lookup to these professionals and respect them for their
work, thereby making them part of a celebrated community.
Apart from these remarkable advantages, CA is also one of the
most challenging courses and students who are planning to
choose this field requires complete dedication, excellent guidance
and hard work. CA is a professional course which has been divided
into 3 levels and in order to clear each level you have to join a
reputed CA coaching institute which provides good guidance from
experienced and exceptional teachers.
In this stage, only a professional and efficient coaching centre like
Lakshya CA institute can help you achieve your goal. Lakshya CA
institute has been a pioneer in coaching CA aspirants for a decade
and have enabled students to seize golden career opportunities.
As long as people file taxes and the business exists, the demand
for CA will be always in trend. This profession offers a secure job
with steady growth and fascinating incentives.The in depth
experience along with the meticulous training that the CA
aspirants undergo help them to enter higher realms of financial

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