Impact of covid 19 in accounting education
September 13,2021

Accounting Education and the Covid 19 Impact

The Covid- 19 is creating the greatest disturbance to every sector including the learning environment, in which every student and teacher faces the worst situation. This became critical in higher education which shapes the students as ready for the industry. This enveloped the enjoyment of friends' corners, the large classrooms into the home. The replacement of traditional classes with virtual ones brings many changes in higher education. The hours of lectures in front of your laptops and the social media platform introduced them to a new normal life.

As a part of the ever-growing business industry, Accounting education seems to be the highest demanding one. As per the results of management decisions, accounting education foresees an excellent career.

  • Because 90% of successful businessmen are from an accounting background. Thus a perfect businessman should mold from accounting education.
  • With good calculating ability, accounting education made life easier on the financial side.
  • It also helps you to get a complete picture of the company’s revenue. Thereby a good accountant can lead the company as a good manager. 

The Covid 19 has both positive and negative impacts on the field of accounting education. While looking into the positive aspects, students are getting aware of many accounting-related courses.

New Courses

Shifting into the online education system, individual-related factors and technology-related issues stand up on the first-hand issues. At the same time, the wide online platform made them aware of many accounting-related courses and job opportunities. It widens the perspective of students about the career by learning more information about better courses and their feasibility online. 

The negative effects of the pandemic have a great impact on students as well as teachers.

Sudden Transition

There are issues of unequal learning opportunities among students, that some of them may have good access, whereas others do not. Distance learning has the same quality of face to face learning, but sudden transition made it difficult for both students and faculty. This has a greater influence on the performance of students. In the case of accounting education, the students face difficulty in getting practical knowledge. 

The virtual platform can add more into the thought process, beyond the bookish knowledge. Even though the sudden transition brought some difficulties, online education provides many more opportunities for the students to grow up.

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