Upskilling and reskilling during the pandemic
September 08,2021

Up-skilling & Re-skilling in the New Normal Career

Along with the new normal, unemployment comes up into the stage as a serious issue. People went for new jobs that are not their key fields. These hardships make the need for multitasking prominent in the emerging generation. Handling more domains of learning many skills will be helpful to achieve certain goals in uncertain times.

Here comes the concept of up-skilling and re-skilling which strengthens the career path. A career path shows the growth of an employee in an organization. The different positions handled by an employee in the organization point to his or her potential, skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics. Through up-skilling and reskilling we can widen the possibilities of our careers.

What is Up-skilling?

With the goal of advancement, getting additional skills and knowledge or enhancing existing abilities can be termed as up-skilling. In recent times, Up-skilling is unavoidably merged into the education and career aspects. With a top grade in graduation or post-graduation, the student can’t be stuck in a specific domain, by asking for more skills, they need to widen the limits of their own potential. So in the student’s scenario, upskilling can lead the board for their career opportunities.


How to gain additional skills?

  • Go deep into practical knowledge than master the theoretical one:

As of now, students are encouraged to study the theoretical part of the concepts rather than getting practical training. The mere touching into the surface of the practical training through internships and workshops, the students became unaware of the real-world application of the concepts.

A one-month internship can’t do anything in a student’s career. Understanding the real-world application of the concepts provides a better learning experience than reading the textbooks multiple times. It widens the thought process and enables them to gain additional skills through the practical sessions. Plan and execution of short-term projects open up more possibilities to learn new skills. Thereby a student can achieve multiple skills even from the study time.

  • Get into Professional Events

Commencing a professional career prepares them to attend more professional events, memberships that introduce the students to master new areas. By attending these kinds of events strengthens their resume, getting connections to industry professionals, thereby enabling them to gain an overall idea about the professional career.

  • Shaping of new personality traits

By understanding the pillars of their dream career, through the events and projects helps them improve some non-technical skills. Executing a project demands many skills, especially leadership skills. To arrange and plan everything the student should lead the team in a disciplined manner. Learning from experienced individuals becomes an inspiration to achieve new things. 

  • Creating a Professional Persona

Create an up-to-date Linkedin Profile which plays an important platform to meet business giants and a doorway to the market. Maintaining personal blogs, scrolling social media, and making some presence enables them to achieve new knowledge and talents.


Re-skilling is simply the process of learning new skills to gain a different job role. The advancement in technology and innovation provides an excellent platform to learn new courses. Digitalization brings new job positions into the board like app developers, cloud computing specialists, social media managers, and so on. The rise of demand for these jobs encourages more students to master the skills. The short duration of courses became more convenient for them to gain more talents, thereby widening their career opportunities.

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