Education or experience, which decides the job
September 15,2021

What decides your job, education, or experience?

With an ultimate aim to secure your life with a good job, we are running to find a better course that can settle your life within a short span. High salary, reputed job, better lifestyle, you are planning a lot. But the dreams before you choosing a degree course are still there after the completion of the course? Getting higher degrees and acquiring more knowledge requires many years. Even after this, people are asked for work experience and it becomes a mandatory thing for the job. It made the students clueless about their past and future.


  • Education is always closely related to earning. Having higher degrees will lead to getting high salaries. 
  • With a higher educational status, the rate of unemployment decreases. 
  • At the same time, a degree can be a sign that the student has a specific skill and he/she is eligible for minimal on-the-job training.
  • Higher degrees will widen the students’ perspective thereby getting a better thought process about life and career.
  • Students are going for higher education with a focus on their career development rather than securing a job. But sometimes it only proves you can succeed in academia. 


  • Work experience, the most asked question in every interview you face. 
  • Every company searches for employees who are industry-ready or get an expert in the job quickly, requiring little on-the-job training, which costs employers both time and money.
  • If you obtain a degree years ago, especially in a technological field, then it becomes irrelevant if you are not touching the field recurrently. Here comes the importance of work experience which keeps us updated on the work.
  • But to gain more experience, you need higher education to understand everything in depth.

So both work experience and education have their own values. Listing out your degrees in the resume can make you first for a job. At the same time, the years of work experience can add more advantages in getting the job as well as further working in that company. The professional course provides specific years of work experience along with the completion of the course.

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